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Nonô On New Song “Domingo,” Hairstyles, and More

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Nonô Main Press Photo

Trailblazing pop sensation Nonô is already making waves with her latest track, “Domingo.” Drawing from her culturally rich background and Brazilian roots, the singer blends Latin rhythms with pulsating club beats to create a sound that’s as irresistible as it is distinctive.

The record marks a significant step in Nonô’s burgeoning career, building on the momentum of her previous successes. In 2022, she graced fans with promising singles like “Good Times” and “Lovesick,” both of which accumulated millions of streams across streaming platforms. Meanwhile, her featured verse on Majestic’s “Time to Groove” catapulted into viral popularity as well. Adding to an already successful year, Nonô also inked a deal with Kobalt Music and Helix Records.

However, the “ATM” hitmaker’s new single adds a splash of fun to her growing repertoire. It’s accompanied by a wickedly humorous music video set in an old-fashioned bingo hall. Regarding the visuals, she shared, “In the music video, we thought it would be fun to show that there are as many types of gringos as there are of love. We created this fun bilingual tune by mixing elements of my Brazilian background with the hard-hitting beats of UK dance music.”

One thing that sets Nonô apart is her ability to seamlessly fuse different musical elements. Speaking on the single itself, the singer revealed, “‘Domingo’ is about falling for a ‘gringo’ which is something I’ve done many times, haha. Some people believe being a gringo is a bad thing, but it really isn’t. It’s just what we call a person that is not from Latin America.”

In our Q&A, we spoke with Nonô about her musical origins, creative process, hairstyles, and much more. Continue scrolling to read our conversation.

Before we get into the new release, let’s take it back a bit — why did you start making music in the first place? 

I’ve always loved singing, and I’ve always been fascinated with the power of a song and how it can change your mood instantly! I also like how it’s universal, and you can reach people from everywhere with it. 

Things have been moving fast for you recently, from performing at Latino Life to garnering praise from publications alike. What does it feel like to get all of this support considering your journey from 2018’s “Blind to You”?

It honestly feels amazing, and it definitely makes me emotional. It took a lot of hard work to get where I am, but I’m very grateful more people get to listen to and like my work. This is just the beginning! 

Let’s talk about “DOMINGO,” how did this come about? I know you worked with Henry Tucker and Punctual to put it together.

I was in a session with the boys, and we started this second idea which we wanted to make a fun/ seductive club track about gringos! I believe we started with the hook melody and everything just kinda flowed out really quickly! I believe we had the majority of the song ready in like 20 minutes.

Then, when I showed it to my label, they immediately loved it and asked us to get back to finalize the song as the first version of it was actually only 1 minute long, haha. Henry and I got back in the studio and once again wrote the verse really quickly, and then it went back to Punctual to finish their production magic, and that was it! 

While we’re on the topic, how would you describe your creative process at the moment?

When I’m in the session, I love letting my melody ideas guide the way. I like listening to the track that is being created and recording all the thoughts, melodies, and lyrics that come to mind. After that, I try to decipher what I’m mumbling, tie it in with a concept, something that has happened in my life, or just general thoughts.  

So far, we’ve gotten tracks like “ATM” with Baby Tate this year. How do you think your new work differs from what you’ve previously done last year?

I think my sound has matured more as I’ve become more sure of who I am, plus I’m not so worried about fitting into any specific music genre. 

Especially with these last few releases, dyeing your hair a different color has almost become a ritual. What’s your haircare routine?

To tell you a secret, I actually use colorful extensions, but don’t tell anyone, haha! However, using the pigtail bobbles can really damage my hair, so I just make sure I go a few days without having anything in!

What does the future look like for Nonô?

The future looks bright and colorful with loads more shows, including my headlining show at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 17th of August!