Published: January 20, 2022

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Meet Boy Soda, The Australian Music Prodigy

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Singer-songwriter and producer Boy Soda is known for injecting youthful energy into the budding Sydney scene. Having made a statement through songs like 2019’s “Time For That” and later, 2020’s “Daisy Chain,” the 23-year-old artist welcomes us into the world of creativity that he cultivates across his growing catalog. From Converse to becoming a hometown hero, Boy Soda is certainly an exciting new face to uncover.

Now, in venture with Warner Music Australia, Boy Soda aims to be a name not only recognized at home but globally. He made more international waves upon the release of “LOVEU2BITS” and closed off 2021 on a high note with “Welcome To The Glow Up.” Soda displays creativity that extends beyond not only his songwriting and knack for production but the overall experience of the song and its accompanying visual effort. There is undoubtedly so much to unpack from this emerging voice in music, and luckily we get to see more from Boy Soda in the coming year.

We got to chat with Boy Soda in regards to navigating through the Sydney music scene, creative direction, and much more! Check it out below.

For anyone who’s unfamiliar, how would you describe life as a young music creative growing up in Sydney and how did it shape your perspective on life?

I know what makes me happy and passionate, and I refuse to compromise for things that don’t contribute to that. I know that working a 9-5 kills my soul and depresses me so I’d much rather live my life pursuing and creating art with my friends, and working fewer days for less money. It’s my inner child that drives a lot of the way I view my reality, and I love his innate curiosity and ability to take things less seriously. Living in Sydney these past eleven months, in creative spaces, with creative people, growing creatively and emotionally – it’s right where I need to be.

“LOVEU2BITS” and “W2TGU” are two phenomenal records that showcase your songwriting and vocal abilities—what do you want people to take away from listening to your music?

Thank you so much that’s so sweet! I don’t have anything particularly, because once it’s released I have no say in how someone receives it. Everyone has different contexts and reference points for whether they like or relate to a song, but I will always hope that through conversations with myself and my art that are driven with honesty and passion, I can allow for a space where someone can listen and be reminded that they are having a human experience, one with a fluid and broad emotional spectrum. To remind them that everything matters, because nothing matters – and that we were put onto this earth to love, and be loved.

One thing that I think allows you to effortlessly stand out is the visual efforts that accompany your songs, where do you get inspiration for your creative and artistic visuals?

Visuals usually arrive while I listen to the song or making it, sometimes I imagine it has an unlimited budget so that I can allow my mind to shoot for the moon. After that, it’s a compromise for what I have in my head and what’s logistically possible. Sometimes I imagine I’ve got no budget at all, but that’s when I’m trying to really flesh out what the core meaning of the song is. In saying that sometimes a video’s purpose is to be a visualizer – a moving color palette. And other times it’s about telling a story, in a more chronological sense.

“W2TGU” is your second single in partnership with Warner Music Australia—what’s the story behind inking your major label deal and what do you hope will come out of it?

Firstly, I’m so grateful to have been in conversations with major partners, let alone being signed with one. I want my team to amplify me and trust my creative visions. A team that was emotionally available, worked without egos, and was dedicated to the art. Being able to let other people into the artist project, which is inherently allowing people to see me at my core, was a really intrusive feeling at first. I follow my intuition always, and it’s led me to a beautiful support system at Warner.

Considering all of the horror stories that we hear in the music industry, were you ever hesitant to sign to a label instead of staying on the independent wave?

Of course! I think I had to let some pride go. Once upon a time, I would’ve loved to have been the “I produced, mixed, recorded, directed all of this” guy, but if there are people that can do things better than me I’m going to use them and create with them. That includes my team and the label because they bring experience, advice, resources, and accessibility that I don’t have. But I know what I want to create deserves these things and I will always double down on that.

You’re amid paving away for other young artists around the way, what advice would you give to anyone in the same shoes as you some years back?

You’re exactly where you need to be. Don’t rush. Be patient. What you are learning now is equipping you for larger experiences. Be empathetic and move out of love. NO ONE IS BETTER EQUIPPED TO MAKE YOUR MUSIC THAN YOU. Don’t let anyone convince they know your trajectory or your vision better than you. Think in full color. Lastly, no egos allowed.

What can fans expect to see from Boy Soda as we head into 2022?

Every color on the emotional spectrum! And hella live shows!

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