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Lemonade Dolls On Censorship In The Lingerie Industry, Body Positivity, and More

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Lemonade Dolls Models Photo

When Lemonade Dolls debuted in 2018, the market for lingerie had long been dominated by the aesthetic of industry giants like Victoria’s Secret. Founded by singer-songwriter Lemon Fuller and Caren Downie, the brand emerged as an inclusive alternative for young women. Five years on, Lemonade Dolls has stayed true to its roots and evolved in exciting ways, addressing the complexities of representation, comfort, and community engagement in a market that can often overlook these factors.

The empowerment-oriented venture began with a Kickstarter campaign, reaching its funding target of approximately $19,000 in just 26 days. By 2018, the brand had raised an additional 500,000 pounds in startup funding and projected sales to reach 1 million pounds in its first year. The label even branched into retail with a pop-up launch at Topshop’s Oxford Circus flagship. As Lemon noted then, Lemonade Dolls was “all part of creating a community.”

In recent years, Lemonade Dolls has elevated its game in response to the evolving market dynamics and consumer expectations. Today, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for the company. It’s embedded into their business model and reflected in their shift toward eco-conscious fabrics. The focus on environmental responsibility complements their original mission of empowering women, making the brand a holistic choice for consumers seeking comfort and ethical integrity.

Moreover, the brand has redoubled its efforts on the inclusivity front. They’ve extended their size range to ensure that every woman finds her perfect fit, underscoring the company’s long-standing commitment to body positivity. Far from riding the wave of current trends, Lemonade Dolls is actively setting the industry standard.

Raydar recently sat down with the London-based designer to get to know her label better and discuss her sources of inspiration, overcoming censorship, and more. Scroll down below to read our interview with Lemon Fuller.

Lemonade Dolls was founded with a mission to celebrate natural beauty and promote inclusivity. What motivated you to create the brand, and what values and principles did you want it to embody from the outset?

Creating the brand was all about embracing and celebrating the beauty that’s unique to each of us. We saw a need for a shift away from unrealistic standards and towards a more inclusive definition of beauty. Our motivation was rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to feel confident and represented.

Right from the start, we wanted the brand to stand for diversity, authenticity, and empowerment. We wanted to challenge the norm and promote a message of self-acceptance. It’s not just about products; it’s about fostering a community where everyone feels valued and inspired. And, of course, we’re committed to doing this while being kind to our planet through sustainable practices.

Body positivity and self-love are increasingly important concepts in the fashion industry. How does Lemonade Dolls contribute to these goals through its products and messaging, and what role do undergarments play in promoting positive body image and self-confidence?

Breaking boundaries in such a traditional industry was not easy, and we knew that from the outset. We were all about embracing change and creating a space where everyone felt seen and valued.

We definitely faced our fair share of challenges. Convincing some skeptics that inclusivity was the way forward was one, as brands before us have paved a way within the lingerie industry that often ignores many marginalized groups. I’m so proud of us for sticking to our guns and staying authentic to our mission. Listening to our Gen Z community was key. Their input helped shape our brand into what it is today through some of the many focus groups we hold – most recently with customers who have a disability.

We had to get creative, too. Finding innovative ways to market and connect with our audience was a fun challenge. Social media became our playground, and it really helped spread the word and build a community around our values. Now, we’re proud to see our brand resonate with people and make a positive impact. It’s a reminder that pushing for inclusivity isn’t just a challenge; it’s a rewarding journey that’s reshaping the lingerie industry.

Luckily, the label offers a range of sizes and designs that cater to individuals of all shapes and sizes, including specially developed pieces for transgender and non-binary bodies. Can you discuss how the brand identified the need for these designs and what the process was like to develop them?

It was all about listening and learning. We noticed a gap in the market where many were left out, and that just didn’t sit right with us. We started by engaging with our community by talking, asking questions, and really understanding their needs. Hearing from transgender and non-binary individuals was eye-opening. We realized the importance of designs that celebrated and respected their unique bodies. The process was a collaborative adventure.

We teamed up with experts, including members of the transgender and non-binary community, to ensure our designs were spot on. Their insights were invaluable in creating pieces that were not only stylish but also comfortable and affirming. It was an exciting challenge, and we’re super proud of the results. Seeing people feel confident and comfortable in our designs is the best reward. It’s a reminder that fashion should be for everybody, no exceptions.

Community and customer feedback can also play an important role in shaping the direction and vision of a brand. For you, how does that play into the design process and even how the brand incorporates customer suggestions and requests into its products and messaging?

Our design process is a mix of creativity and collaboration. We’re all ears when it comes to what our community wants. We take those ideas and infuse them into our design brainstorming sessions. Personally, I don’t actually come from a fashion or design background and founded the brand on the premise that me and all of my friends wanted to wear colorful and sexy undies. So to carry this idea forward and see how customer feedback is shaping the brand today is super exciting.

Messaging-wise, it’s all about authenticity. We listen to what matters to our community, whether it’s through social media conversations or direct feedback. We make sure our messaging resonates and speaks to their values. Customer feedback isn’t just a suggestion box for us; it’s the heart and soul of our design and messaging journey. It keeps us connected and ensures our brand stays on track to be something they truly love.

Underwear brands often face challenges related to online censorship, particularly on social media platforms. What do you think can be done in terms of lifting censorship or changing the way people, and especially advertisers, view intimates as a whole?

We’re all about pushing boundaries while keeping things respectful. Education is key; it’s important for people to understand that intimates aren’t just about the “taboo.” They’re about self-expression, confidence, and feeling good in your skin. We need to shift the focus from mere censorship to celebrating body positivity and diverse representations. Collaboration is another game-changer — we recently stood up to a key social channel, which was banning our content and deactivating all of our paid advertising across the channel through a post asking for help from our community.

Brands, influencers, and platforms teamed up with us to drive this conversation. It’s time we shifted the narrative that lingerie should be seen as empowering, not just provocative. Advertisers can play a huge role in this shift by presenting intimates as a form of self-love and self-care.

Looking to the future, what is your vision for Lemonade Dolls? How do you see the brand evolving and growing, while staying true to its core values and mission of promoting inclusivity?

In two words: world domination. We see the brand continuing to expand its reach, touching more lives and spreading the inclusivity of love. While we grow, our core values will be at our core. Inclusivity will always be at the heart of everything we do, from new designs to community initiatives, including our partnership with charity Choose Love to help displaced refugees worldwide.

We’re incredibly excited about creating even more spaces for conversations around self-acceptance and empowerment. Whether it’s through events, partnerships, or collaborations, we want to amplify the voices that matter. Sustainability is a big part of our future, too. We’re committed to being kinder to the planet and finding innovative ways to make a positive impact, all while wearing beautiful, comfy undies that make you feel limitless.

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