Zairah Beauty Picks 2022

Zairah Hid Tells Us About Her Favorite Form of Self-Care, Modeling, and More

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Zairah Beauty Picks 2022

Being a role model may be a demanding responsibility. Although, burgeoning model Zairah Hid possesses the kind of diligence and dedication that is essential for inspiring and blazing a trail for others to follow.

While she began her career after graduating high school, working with a handful of talented photographers, Hid has always had an admiration for stepping in front of the camera and showcasing her confidence. The Los Angeles-based model had her eyes set on a career in the industry early on and now she’s quickly becoming one of our favorites among Gen Z. She’s also delved into styling, working with fellow models and influencers within her creative community to put together eye-catching ensembles that look great both on and off camera.

Zairah, like many other emerging models, aims to avoid the traditionally hyper-polished, airbrushed, and immaculate advertising of beauty companies in favor of photographs that represent her own beauty and imperfections. She joins the list of savvy and fashion-forward creatives who accentuate their most authentic selves, using personal go-to’s such as concealer, blush, and mascara. “Modeling and beauty intersect when I get opportunities for creative collaborative shoots that I am highly interested in that showcase the two perfectly,” she says.

We spoke with Zairah to hear more about her journey so far, interweaving beauty and modeling, her go-to makeup products, and advice for Gen Z as it relates to confidence. Keep scrolling to read our full conversation.

Reflecting on your Hispanic heritage, what has your relationship with beauty and skincare been like growing up versus these past several years?

As a little girl, my mom has always influenced me to take care of my skin and I would use Cetaphil face wash and vitamin C every day and at night. As I got older it changed quite a lot because my skin started changing to combination skin and I now use more skin care products such as different serums for am and pm. Also, anti-aging creams because I learned it’s better to start young because it helps prevent wrinkles. 

As you mentioned previously, you began modeling at 19 after you graduated high school. Was there a particular moment when you decided, “this is meant for me”?

Once I started working with my first photographers, they loved my eccentric look and always told me that I have that model look because of my eyebrows and cheekbones. Those comments were the ones that encouraged me to pursue modeling as a career.

Where do modeling and beauty intersect for you?

Modeling and beauty intersect when I get opportunities for creative collaborative shoots that I am highly interested in that showcase the two perfectly. When it comes to modeling I always prepare myself for shoots such as taking care of my skin and beauty is a huge role in modeling such as having healthy eating habits because when you look good you feel good! 

What’s the first thing you do in the morning, beauty-wise?

The first thing I do in the morning is definitely my essentials such as brushing my teeth, washing my face, moisturizing and taking care of my skin.

On that note, what are some beauty products that you can’t live without?

Beauty products that I can’t live without are concealer, blush, and mascara. When I don’t want to wear much makeup and just want to look awake, I rely on those three a lot! The four beauty products that are my go-to are the NARS Radiant concealer, Rare Beauty Liquid Blush in “Happy,” Max Stack Mascara, and Mac Strobe Highlighter in “Soft and Gentle.”

Having modeled for several years now, surely you’ve picked up some great beauty tips on set or during photoshoots. What’s the best one you’ve heard?

Some tips that I’ve learned is definitely having your beauty sleep! I can’t stress that enough because I have had shoots where I didn’t get my full 8 hours of sleep and you can tell in the images that I was tired. And also eating before shoots have allowed me to perform my 100%.

How do you care for your hair, and what are some of the products that you use?

I like to take care of my hair by getting trims frequently like once a month so that split ends don’t grow. Also, doing hair masks once a week and only wash my hair three to four times a week.

For Gen Z, movies and TV oftentimes influence makeup trends in real life—take Euphoria and face gems for example. Are there any particular characters from films that you’ve been in whose beauty looks really stuck with you?

Growing up watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Jennifer’s Body, any Brittany Murphy movie, Sex and the City, drama series, and listening to Gwen Stefani, I always loved that effortless makeup look with a deep lip color or even just lip gloss. All have had a great impact on me with makeup today! 

Beyond just using products, what’s your favorite form of self-care?

My favorite form of self-care is working out such as hiking, running, and swimming. Doing this helps me take care of my mind and body as well.

Calling back to when you spoke about not fitting the conventional model standards, what would be your advice for those struggling with post-social media confidence?

My biggest advice is to surround yourself around those who support and motivate you to keep going because sometimes when you don’t feel at your 100% those around can give you that extra push! That is what helped me and also, connecting with brands, models, and photographers who love representing all body types and races.

Are there any other things that are particularly important to you when it comes to the beauty industry and modeling?

Taking care of your well-being is highly important such as having healthy eating habits and also learning to love your imperfections and channeling your dark feminine to bring your confidence to the surface.