Published: November 25, 2022

Last Updated: November 28, 2022

Atlanta Musician ZAIA Shares 12-Song Project ‘American Psycho’

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The 12-song introspective album American Psycho is the product of Georgia’s brilliant lyricist ZAIA. The ATLien, which he recorded with his Grandma’s approval, keeps true to form by addressing sorrow, impostor syndrome, and self-awareness. Pain driving desire into brilliance, American Psycho has an amusement park-themed introduction, two sketches, and seven new songs.

ZAIA, a pseudonym for a local Atlantan, didn’t start writing songs about his feelings until he was a teenager. Both the lyricist’s mother and father were serious music fans, thus he was raised with the sounds of soul and jazz always playing in the background. His father, a sports cameraman, inspired him to pursue photography, which shows in his portfolio.

The innovator in music has been fully immersed in his craft since 2016 when he released his first song, “Slow It Down.” A year later, he released an EP called While We Wait. He has looked up to industry titans like Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Tyler, The Creator for guidance on how to create his own distinctive sound and rhythms. He’s had a string of hit singles and albums, including “Blue,” “Very Alone,” and “Jumo” with Valee, that have kept listeners captivated.