Xaiolan Shares Her Debut Track “Yessir”

Xaiolan drops her eagerly-awaited debut single, “Yessir.” It made its waves via Twitter before release, convincing the now 20-year-old rapper to release the track that she recorded at the shy age of 16.

Xaiolan on the track: “I’m really excited about the release of this song, because I feel like it’s the jumpstart of my career. My team has been working really hard to make the rollout perfect, and I’m so happy that my supporters love the track.”

She continues, “It’s one of my very first songs I ever made so to see it go viral like it did and get so much love meant a lot! This is just the beginning for me. I can’t wait to show everyone what I can do.”

“Yessir” serves as her introduction to the world and a reminder of how far the young talent has came. Stream the single below.

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