Worldisgualaa Is Here To Take Care Of Business

Worldisgualaa is making sure he is staying consistent at releasing music with visuals following up his single releases. He wants to show the world who he truly is! The artist is proud of his distinct flow and sound. He started out freestyling and writing music before he went to the studio. He was unsure of how he would sound in the booth. Luckily his bros and the pandemic helped him find the courage to step into the booth!

The name behind the artist has a very unique meaning. World is the foundation, the team, the brotherhood and Gualaa is who he is today. A person that loves to hustle and take care of business to help the family elevate. His music is motivated by his feelings, past situations, where he is from, struggles, and love. Outside of music, the artist is a social worker. He went to Wilmington University for basketball and his major was social work. He also has his own clothing company along with a few investments.

When asked why is music his passion, he responded: “My music means everything to me, it’s my sanity, it’s like my hideout when I’m in the studio, I use to play basketball in college and it like being in the gym, if you don’t love being in the gym to better your game you shouldn’t be doing it and I love my music and when it means something to others it just gives a different type of joy.” Worlsisgualaa just released his latest single, “5 am in Miami”. The artist’s favorite line from the song is “I’m the money bag, and they know that she’s my Ari.” Worldisgualaa has a lot of new music on the way, and you can listen to him now on all streaming services!

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