Wohdee RAYDAR Press Photo

Wohdee Opens Up About “Buju,” Making Music, and More

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Wohdee RAYDAR Press Photo

From the pulsating heart of Birmingham City, hip-hop artist Wohdee has just unfurled her latest single, “Buju (Mad Hatta),” a compelling track that is already sending ripples through the music scene. Perfectly embodying her inherent sound, the track mingles electric and uplifting melodies with modern beats and soundscapes in a blend that’s distinctly Wohdee, thanks to the genius of producer Jacq Charles.

The vibrant visuals accompanying the track offer an exhilarating glimpse into Wohdee’s distinct world. “Buju (Mad Hatta)” showcases her undeniable ability to straddle the realms of classic rap and contemporary soundscapes, demonstrating an effortless fluidity in her musical prowess.

Wohdee’s music has always been synonymous with feel-good vibes, and her latest release follows suit. Injecting life and energy into every line, the track pairs an infectious rhythm with lyrics that celebrate life’s brighter moments. It’s a heady mix that commands movement and stirs smiles, embodying the electrifying atmosphere of a party or the more personal rhythm of a solitary vibe session.

Reflecting on the creative process behind “Buju,” Wohdee shared, “This is a song that I’ve put my heart and soul into. The positive energy it brings is something I’m thrilled to share with everyone.” And so, with this record, Wohdee invites us all to join her in a vibrant celebration of sound, an energetic journey that reaffirms her unique spot in the pantheon of modern hip-hop.

Hey Wohdee! How are you?

Hey, I’m great! Thanks for asking.

Going back to the beginning, how did you start making music?

I realized I could rap as a child, from around 8 or 9. I was into poetry at first, and that’s when I knew that I liked rhyming. Applying my rhymes to a beat was like a lightbulb turning on. It just made sense.

Can you share a bit about what growing up in Birmingham was like and how it ultimately influenced you and your style?

Growing up in Birmingham is definitely a character builder. I think Birmingham influenced my style in a big way, from the banter to the obvious pronunciations in my music; that adds a little razzle-dazzle. When people say I sound different, it’s mostly because of my accent. I’m very brum, and I think it works for me! 

Your latest single, “Buju,” is a feel-good track that interweaves various sounds with your raw lyricism. What inspired this record?

So I was in my room listening to beats on YouTube. The original beat was a Pa Salieu-type beat, ‘cause they always have the vibes. I started freestyling, and it was making sense straight away! From what I said Buju Banton the first time, I knew which direction to take the song in. Then when I was in the studio recording it, I genuinely had a lot of fun

So I hope that excited energy transcends the music, and people feel it how we did! with my producers. We were excited! 

And then the accompanying music video takes place in your hometown—can you talk to us about putting it together and how it mirrors the vibe you were going for in the song?

The music video initially was going to be more Grand Theft Auto-themed. So, it has subtle references, but overall, it turned out to be a vibe. I usually have ideas stepping into music videos, and I apply them where I can, but it’s mostly just me going with the flow. We had to bring it back to where we started! Birmingham! My family came through with the bikes and their support, and we shot a great video. 

Style-wise, how would you describe your wardrobe and how it empowers you not just as a musician but overall?

I have a love-hate relationship with my wardrobe. I’d say the best descriptive word for my wardrobe is funky. It’s a bunch of random, colorful clothing items that tend to work well together (sometimes). It’s empowering because it’s a representation of who I am. You dress how you’d like to be viewed, and being colorful is definitely a great angle, in my opinion. Also, My mom calls me stylish, so I’m stylish. lol. 

All that being said, what are your personal and artistic ambitions? What do you hope to achieve through your career?

I hope to get a fun and exciting life from music. Just the thought of knowing that my most precious years were spent doing something that I love and making a hell of a lot of money while doing so will make me content. I’d love to get into acting and modeling too.