Where to put concealer

Published: October 4, 2023

Last Updated: December 5, 2023

Makeup Artist Tips for Applying Concealer Like a Pro

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Where to put concealer

Concealer is a cornerstone in makeup artistry, offering a solution for a range of skin concerns—from dark circles to blemishes. More importantly, knowing where to put concealer on your face can elevate your entire look, optimizing the skin’s appearance while emphasizing your features.

The correct application of concealer not only hides imperfections but also brings a refined finish to your makeup. Whether you are new to the makeup game or seeking to perfect your technique, this guide aims to demystify the process. We will explore key areas, such as under the eyes and around the nose, where targeted application yields the most flattering results.

Under the Eyes

If you’ve ever found yourself staring in the mirror at dark circles or bags under your eyes, you already know the first place you’ll want to apply concealer. The under-eye area is often the primary target for this makeup essential. A few strategic swipes can make you look fresher and more awake, diminishing the appearance of fatigue or stress.

The trick here is not just slathering it on, but knowing how to blend for a natural look. Use a concealer shade that’s one or two tones lighter than your skin color for this area. Apply in a triangle shape with the base under your eye and the point towards your cheek. This technique not only covers dark circles but also instantly lifts the face, creating a youthful effect.

Around the Nose

You’ve tackled the under-eye area, but what about the redness or uneven skin tone around your nose? This is where a well-placed dab can make all the difference. Skin around the nose can often appear red or discolored due to anything from natural pigmentation to irritation.

Using a shade that matches your skin tone, lightly dot concealer around the nostrils and blend it in well. This will neutralize the redness and help create a more even complexion. Some prefer to use a color-correcting formula here to counteract the redness before topping it with a skin-matching shade. Either way, the goal is a seamless blend that makes the skin around your nose look as flawless as the rest of your face.

Covering Blemishes and Acne

When it comes to camouflaging blemishes or acne, precision is your best friend. Use a concealer brush with a fine tip to apply your chosen shade directly onto the area you wish to cover. By being targeted in your application, you minimize the need for excessive product, making the end result appear more natural.

After you’ve pinpointed the affected areas, the next step is blending. You’ll want to avoid harsh lines that draw attention to the areas you’re trying to conceal. Lightly tap the perimeters using a beauty sponge or your fingertip to seamlessly integrate the product into your complexion. Lock in your work with a translucent setting powder, lightly dusted over the top, to ensure longevity.

Brightening the Forehead and Chin

For the forehead and chin, the goal is usually to bring light to these areas, subtly elevating your facial features. Using a product just a shade lighter than your natural complexion can make a world of difference. Focus the product in the middle of your forehead and right on the tip of your chin, as these are areas where light naturally hits.

Blending is equally essential here. Work the product outward from the application points, either with your fingers or a damp beauty sponge, so there are no stark contrasts or lines. It’s all about creating a harmonious blend with your natural skin tone. A finishing touch of translucent setting powder will help set your concealer, keeping it in place and maintaining your newly brightened complexion throughout the day.

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