What to Wear With Black Pants RAYDAR

What to Wear With Black Pants as Seen on Celebrities

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What to Wear With Black Pants RAYDAR

Black pants: they’re the ultimate wardrobe staple. They’re timeless, versatile, and can be dressed up or down with ease. But with so many different styles and fits, it can be tricky figuring out what to wear with black pants to suit your individual taste and body shape.

If you’ve got a small waist and larger hips, skinny pants are the way to go. These are tight-fitting and tapered at the ankle. If you want something with more room, try wide-leg pants. Meanwhile, straight-leg pants are another great option for anyone who wants something with a little bit of give—these have a straight, narrow silhouette that won’t squeeze too tight or too loose. They’ll also look great with heels or flats, so you can style them any way you want!

For those of us who like things a little more casual, cargo pants are here to save the day: they feature multiple pockets on each side and look super tough while still being versatile enough for everyday wear. If that’s not enough for you, leather pants add an edge of luxury to any outfit while keeping everything else casual enough.

Ahead, we’ll take a deep dive into the different types of black pants, how to choose the right fit, styling tips, and care and maintenance to help you make the most of this versatile wardrobe essential.

1. Leather Pants With a Cropped Tank

You know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And Kendall Jenner is certainly flaunting her body, so we’re going to do the same while wearing this look.

This is a classic Kendall look: a cropped tank that shows off her midriff, paired with leather pants and a simple necklace. She finishes the look with a flannel shirt and clutch that’s just big enough for your phone and maybe some keys.

If you’re not already inspired to get out there and show off your body this summer, we don’t know what will!

3. Jeans With a Leather Jacket

Hailey Bieber looks like she’s ready to take on the world with this outfit. She’s wearing black jeans that match her cami, and a leather jacket that will keep her warm all winter long. Her red clutch purse is a perfect complement to her outfit, as well as her sunglasses and strappy heels.

If you’re looking for an outfit to make you feel like you can conquer any challenge that comes your way, look no further than Hailey’s look.

3. Flared LEggings With a Cami

Zoe Kravitz is the epitome of a cool girl. She’s got that effortless look that makes you think, “I wish I could just throw on whatever and look like that.”

In this outfit, she’s wearing flared leggings with a black cami top. This all-black ensemble is perfect for running errands or even doing light activities—she styled it with white sandals and a beige shoulder bag.

4. Dress Pants With a Matching Blazer

Emily Ratajkowski is known for her risqué signature style, so it’s no surprise that the model has been spotted amping up her evening attire in oversized suits—albeit with the addition of a midriff-baring tank underneath.

She helps us turn a basic outfit into something more with this three-piece set. It’s a no-brainer, really: Matching sets make life easier. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to think about what you’re going to wear, there’s one less thing to worry about when you’ve got all the pieces laid out in front of you.

In this case, she opts for bold boots, statement earrings, and a cute bag to make it feel like something special.

5. Jeans With a Cropped Sweater

Dua Lipa is a woman who knows how to wear clothes. The it-girl has a knack for knowing what looks good on her body and what doesn’t—and she doesn’t waste time trying to make things work that don’t.

She also knows what works for different seasons, which is why we love this ensemble so much. It’s perfect for transitioning from fall to winter, which means you can wear it now and still use it when the weather heats up again.

It’s all about the layering: with a cropped checkered sweater paired with black jeans, Dua’s got all of her bases covered. And the best part? The pieces are versatile enough that they can be worn together or separately—so you don’t have to worry about wearing something else when you head outside in the springtime sunshine!

6. Leggings With a Cropped Long Sleeve

Bella Hadid’s sporty outfit is perfect for days you want to hit cardio, get some squats in, and then hit the gym.

She paired black leggings with a cropped long-sleeve top in a contrasting white color. She completed this look with white sneakers and a gym bag so that you can carry all of your workout essentials with you no matter where the day takes you.

These pieces are from Alo Yoga, who the supermodel has partnered with on multiple occasions.

7. Cargo Pants With a Tee

Kim Kardashian has an unrivaled fashion sense. She always looks amazing, whether she’s wearing a simple black dress or the rhinestone-encrusted Balenciaga gown of the Met Gala.

It was no different with her most recent ensemble. She wore black high-waist military-inspired trousers from Vetements, a black cropped T-shirt from SKIMS, a black baseball cap, and slate grey Adidas Yeezy 450 sneakers for a laid-back outfit that centered on her cargo pants.

She also sported a pair of black Balenciaga cat-eye sunglasses and a matching leather shoulder bag.

8. Leather Pants With a Clutch

Skai Jackson is all about leather pants and high heels.

The young actress was spotted out in Beverly Hills over the weekend, wearing a long-sleeve white top from Marine Serre and skin-baring black leather pants. She completed her look with a pair of black heels and a clutch purse.

9. Low Rise Pants With an Oversized Coat

An upswing we’ve been anticipating has finally arrived: Without any help from anybody else, Julia Fox is leading the low-rise revival. She was seen at Carbone in New York City wearing a low-rise, thong-style trousers while out with Kanye West, revealing a little bit of her midriff to the chilly air.

Fox may have shown off some lovely lower-back tattoos in these thong pants, but we’ll never know since she was hiding them with an oversized leather coat.

10. Leather Pants with a Corset

Doja Cat is a woman of many talents. She’s an actress, singer, and songwriter, but today we’re here to talk about her personal style.

Take her outfit for example: she’s wearing croc faux leather wide-leg pants with a white corset with a dipped hem. The combination of these pieces makes for a fierce look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Black pants are the ultimate wardrobe staple. They’re versatile, timeless, and they can be worn anywhere—from a casual brunch to a formal event. By choosing the right fit, styling with care and attention, and taking proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to make the most of this versatile wardrobe essential. So next time you’re getting ready, remember to reach for your trusty black pants and see how you can elevate your look!