We Chat With Dominique About His Debut Project, NFT’s, & More

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After a career-ending knee injury his senior year of college, Dominique switched gears from football to a record producer overnight. It didn’t take long for the Broward County, Florida native to attract the attention of local and international superstars such as Juice WRLD, Fivio Foreign, Lil Yachty, and several others. Shortly after, Dominique decided it was time to bring his talents together and become a full-blown artist.

Gearing up for the release of his first LP, Dominique spent these past several months releasing a slew of singles alongside visual efforts. Singles like “Hard,” “The Player Way,” and “Soulja Life Mentality” all pave a way for his appropriately titled project, True Story. Dominique has already established himself within the producer and songwriter space, but he’s coming for his spot as an artist in 2021.

We spoke with Dominique about transitioning from producer to artist, his forthcoming debut project, and the NFT space amongst other things. Read the conversation below.

What sparked your transition from producer and songwriting to becoming a full-blown artist?

I see them all as one in the same from producing, mixing, and engineering to creating a song. I see them all as a medium of creating a song. The main reason why I’m so adamant about my voice and telling my story is because it’s a different perspective. I feel like what I have to say is of importance and people can relate to it too.

What’s been one of the biggest changes or differences that you’ve noticed since then?

The biggest difference is the fanbase interactions. When you’re a producer, your fanbase is other producers. When you’re an artist, you’re fans can be anybody. They don’t even have to be into rap music to like your song per se. You can attract fans in so many different ways that it’s a beautiful thing. I love when people hit me up and tell me they love my songs or felt a way when they heard it.

Not too long ago, you dropped your visual effort for “The Player Way,” what was that experience like?

That experience was dope. That was my guy Posted by Mike, it was his first time doing a music video. It was a concept that we came up with, a 90s vibe, and everyone came out. It was cool, we’re going to do something else as well.

It arrives ahead of your forthcoming debut project, what all can people expect to hear on it sonically?

The project is entitled True Story and that’s exactly what it is. It’s intended to be me telling the things I’ve been through, both good and bad. Just speaking my truth so that’s all I want people to expect. I can’t promise you X, Y, and Z; it’s just it’s if you relate to it, hopefully, you’ll like it. If not, there are a million other artists out there.

You’re also among one of the first musicians to get into NFT’s, can you tell us about that and where you foresee it going in the future?

I think the NFT is a dope space. It’s a nonfungible token where people buy and trade art using cryptocurrency, mainly ETH. I think it’s the future of art consumption, I can see music being sold and distributed through it. Especially since there’s no middle man. It’s dope and I love it.

Outside of that, how have you been staying positive and creative lately?

It’s a lot going on in my life so staying positive and creative is keeping me balanced. I’m in the studio right now venting to the computer through a beat or whatever. That’s my getaway, music is really how I stay positive.

What advice would you give to any young cats looking to breakthrough the music industry?

If you’re young trying to get it out the mud, just do you and don’t focus on what anybody else is doing. Even if the world around you is not accepting what you’re doing, just stay focused on what you’re doing and what your skill set is. Just stay consistent with it.

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