We Chat With Beanz About Her New Album, ‘Rhythm & Flow,’ & More

After rising to viral triumph on Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow, Pennsylvania rapper Beanz has indisputably made her mark in the music scene. A Latina of Puerto Rican descent, Beanz started on her artistic path at the age of 12, when she started writing poetry to escape her household struggles. It quickly grew from poems to rap songs where listeners alike would praise Beanz for her fierce attitude, show-stopping style and charisma, and voice that leaps out.

Standing out from the crowd, for Beanz rapping isn’t about flexing her money, designer labels, or boy toys. She draws her experiences, hardships, and upbringing while proving she deserves a spot at the table. This year, Beanz is sharing her first project since 2017 aptly titled Tables Turn and fans alike couldn’t be any more excited. It arrives after a slew of singles such as the Jetsonmade-produced “Crackin” and “Trending Topic.”

We spoke with Beanz about life after Rhythm & Flow, her forthcoming album, and what she attributes to her success. Check out the full interview below.

You made a name for yourself after appearing on Rhythm & Flow, how has your life changed since then?

Well my life changed in the best ways possible. My music went in a new direction, not only that, but myself too. I’m becoming more of myself after the show, probably because I was super young at the time. Yeah, things have just been going up in all aspects; from my team to the music that I put out. I’m about to drop an album, everything has just leveled up.

You also have a project coming out within a few months, what can you tell us about it?

It’s coming out during the summer, probably June or July. I got some dope features on there, some dope production. The videos are going to be fire and really, I feel like I opened up more on this project. I’m trying to give the people more of where I come from so they can understand me more.

I feel like this is more of myself, and more of who I am. And on top of that, the work that goes into it is a completely different process. Before it was just, I fuck with this song and now it’s a story. The project goes straight through and it’s entire story to listen to it front to back and get a perspective of me.

Does your Puerto Rican heritage influence your sound directly or indirectly?

I guess the melodies that I get. I didn’t realize it at first, but listening to Spanish music, it’s constantly a melody. I don’t really put too much Spanish into my music even though I should. I’m going to, that’s a thing for sure because I have so many Hispanic fans that hit me up. I know y’all want it, but I barely speak Spanish! It’s crazy because I can understand it 100% but I’ll speak back to you in English. I just feel like I sound funny unless I’m singing a song!

Obviously being a woman in music isn’t an easy task but so many are taking over right now—how does it feel to be a part of that movement?

It’s not easy at all. I feel like now it’s more accepted, but it’s still not easy. You have to fit certain criteria’s to take the easy route and I don’t rap like the easy girls do. But it feels great to finally get recognition and have a great team around me that believes in me and what I do.

Looking back on all your success these past few years, did you expect or see all this happening when you were younger?

Yes, I always felt like I was going to get to that point. How? I don’t know. For example, when I was younger my mom would try to get me to cook, but I’d be like “mom, I don’t need to know how to cook. I’m going to have a professional chef.” You never see how you’re going to get there. I didn’t know that I’d be on a TV show on Netflix, that’s crazy. It’s so much other stuff happening so I didn’t expect none of this. I’m super grateful for it.

It didn’t happen quicker than I expected. I think it happened at the right time. I started pursuing music when I was 18, that’s almost ten years that I put in. It didn’t happen quick at all, it felt like it happened how it was supposed to. Perfect timing. I just kept going and it pays off because everything happens for a reason.

What’s one rule or routine that you can attribute to your success?

I always say just stay consistent and believe in yourself. I feel like that’s what got me to the point that I’m at today. I’m finally seeing results because I just kept going. One thing that I always do is write just to keep my mind fresh. It gives me drive, motivation, and keeps me going.

I never felt like giving up. I felt like I put in so much time that it would be ridiculous to stop. You can’t stop, I never felt like this wasn’t worth it. I put in mad time, like half my life, so this shit is going to work.

Outside of your project, is there anything else that you’re excited about for in 2021?

Yeah, so I’m doing Rolling Loud Miami this year. We got some dope shows coming, the world is opening back up so tour. The project is the main thing for this year, it’s going to go crazy. It’s called Tables Turn and I got some dope features on there. This year is going to be great, it’s been great so far.

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