Vietnam-Based Label Xyotic Is Going Global

Independent fashion label Xyotic, helmed by Vietnamese designer Lyn Khanh, is driven by experimental techniques, unique and futuristic silhouettes, and elevated meaning. Launched in 2020, the contemporary womenswear brand based in Ho Chi Minh City celebrates the unfamiliar and endless possibilities one can create through fashion.

The brand’s latest lineup channels alluring cut-out designs and contouring materials, weaving cool hues like blue and black into standout pieces. Low-waisted black jeans with mesh fabric and a one-sleeve high collar top are among some of the highlights in the collection, along with swimsuits, a mid-waist black skirt, and tops. Elsewhere, the brand’s eponymous and Nora set gives the designer’s customers a way to look and feel their best through her styling. The YingYang top and skirt blend functional fabrics and extreme cutouts in black and white color blocking, on the other hand.

Read our conversation with the designer below, and shop the brand’s latest collection on the Xyotic website.

Can you briefly share how Xyotic began? Where were you in your career when you first launched the brand?

I worked for an influencer booking company, but fashion always inspired me and I love to dress up.  So I made a decision to open Xyotic. 

What’s been the biggest challenge for you as a designer?

The biggest challenge for me was to always create perfect designs and how to learn to improve the quality of my products. 
And that other people respect me and me and work.

As an emerging fashion label, what is one thing that you always keep in mind when building a collection?

When I start to build my brand I always want to be different than others. In every collection, I try to break the rules. In the past when I went to school, the other girls laughed at me because I don’t look like a standard Vietnamese girl. I want to bring the message to the world to keep it weirder and don’t care what other people think. 

Let’s talk about the brand’s latest lineup. What was the key theme this season, and what inspired you to create these designs?

The latest collection was all about the color blue. The key theme was sexy and cut-out designs. I got inspiration through social media. And one day, I and my team met together and we started to draw and create those designs based on the ideas we got in our brains. 

Amongst several new additions including the Arya Pants and Auro Top, what led to the introduction of the Nora and Xyotic Sets this season?

With Nora Set and Xyotic Set, you get several pieces from the collection at once. I want to give people the opportunity and inspiration on how to mix and match my clothes. 

Your label celebrates the female form by capturing modern femininity through design and material. How do you think fashion builds confidence?

For me, fashion is a language. Every piece has its own meaning and its own story. Before you leave the house and you look in the mirror and tell yourself, “Today I’m looking fire.” This will boost your confidence and in form of your outfit, you can show other people how you feel today. 

There’s been a shift in the fashion industry towards sustainability over the past several years. Could you speak about Xyotic’s approach to ethical production and what your goals for the company are?

Xyotic stands for high standards when it comes to production. We just work with productions together they care about their employees and they have a good vibe in the company.  We just use materials that are environmentally friendly. My goals are, that I can grow with my team in business and personal. I want to bring to all the girls out there the best designs and the feeling that every girl is special in their own way and that it doesn’t matter what other people think about your outfit. 

As the brand evolves, where do you see Xyotic in the future?

I want to take over the worldwide market. I want to start fashion shows in other countries.  And I want to start to release more sizes for every type of body. 

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