Victory Brooks RAYDAR Interview Press Photos

Victory Brooks Chats With Us About Her New Song “Potions,” Evolution, and More

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Victory Brooks RAYDAR Interview Press Photos

Rising singer Victory Brooks is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Victory began her journey as a highly stylized artist, blending pop, hip-hop, and R&B to create a sound that is all her own. Her music reflects a wide range of stylistic influences—from hypnotic vocals to genre-blending instrumentations—but it’s all infused with her Russian upbringing and LA residence.

Victory’s music is autobiographical; she writes openly and honestly about her life in her songs as evident in her 2021 debut EP Victory Brooks. From her struggles to her triumphs, the singer-songwriter’s music is relatable and genuine, making her a cult favorite among fans alike. Unabashedly exploring the ups and downs of being young and successful, the four-song offering was followed by a string of records the following year, including “When I Go” and “Overstimulated.”

As Victory continues to rise to fame and make a name for herself, one thing is for certain: her music will continue to captivate audiences worldwide and solidify her place as a pop sensation. We had the chance to speak with the singer about the inspiration for her new single “Potions,” the significance of style and beauty to her artistry, and more.

Talk to me about your artist rebirth era, going from releasing your self-titled EP in 2021 to now, what’s the trajectory you want to go into with the new year?

This year I’ve been writing more music than ever and I have a very wide range of stylistic influences! You’re about to see a lot more from me lyrically. The biggest difference between my 2021 EP and my current music is that it got a lot more diverse stylistically and vocally. 

Taking a step backwards, I’d love to know more about your upbringing in Moscow and the transition to Los Angeles—what was that like for you?

Moving across the world was the biggest and most difficult decision in my life. My family was, and still is, very supportive on this journey. LA is very different from growing up in Moscow and I’m glad I got to experience both places. I’m grateful that I’ve met so many amazing creatives along the way, too. I think it was destiny. 

How did you initially gravitate towards making music, and furthermore, where do you feel like your sound fits in the pop space?

I feel like music picked me! I have wanted to be a musician since I was little. Something in me just pulled me towards being an artist. I remember picturing myself on a billboard in Times Square and I’m proud to say that this year it came true! One message I always want to communicate to my fans is that anything you envision can become real. If you can think of it, you can make it happen. Musically, I see myself as a blend of hip-hop and pop music. My playful personality definitely bleeds into my sound and I think that’s why people connect with it.

You have a new song coming out, “Potions,” and it’s truly amazing! What was the inspiration behind the record?

Thank you! “Potions” is certainly one of my favorites right now. I wanted to make a vibrant record that was fun and created a mood you could connect with. Based on the amazing response from my audience to the teasers of the song, I think I achieved that. 

What has been the most memorable part of the whole song-making process?

“Potions” is the first song I made with Pettros, an amazing producer and writer based in Los Angeles. Previously he worked with blackbear, Mod Sun, Ty Dolla $ign and many more. Pettros understood what sound I’m going for, right away. When I heard the beat for the first time I knew this song would be special. We finished “Potions” in one day! Also, you should check out his own music, he’s a truly talented artist as well. 

One thing that has become very apparent is the role that fashion and beauty plays into who you are as both an artist and creative. How does your personal style inform your creativity as you continue to recreate different iterations of yourself?

Fashion and beauty does in fact play a big role in who I am. One thing I like to do in music and fashion both, is to mix different elements into my own unique blend. It’s all about self-expression, something new every day. Waking up, I never know what I’m gonna wear or write that day! 

Can you talk about some of your signature makeup and hair looks?

I think the color pink has become a signature staple of my style! I like to incorporate that into my makeup looks, whether that’s pink eyeshadow or extra blush. Makeup has always been a way for me to express myself and I never get bored of the endless possibilities. Some things never change though – I like bold eyeliner and big eyelashes! 

Pivoting back into music, who are some of your fave musicians at the moment? How frequently do you get inspiration from other artists?

I listen to music most of the time I’m awake, it’s my main source of inspiration at all times. Currently I absolutely love Post Malone, Childish Gambino, SZA and Kid Cudi.

Over the last two years, how have you grown and evolved both musically and personally?

The last two years were full of challenges and personal growth. I put a big emphasis on my growth as an artist – recording everyday, working with different creatives and expanding my musicality. Most importantly, I got closer to my fan base than ever and that is huge for me. I can’t wait to see what 2023 holds, I have a very good feeling about it.