Toronto’s Unimerce Is Ready To Change The Game

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Rapidly growing Toronto DJ and producer Unimerce has a feel-good story everyone can appreciate. The British-born artist has a list of accomplishments under her belt, gracing stages globally alongside Drake, The Weeknd, Future, and several more. Not only that, but she is building a formidable catalog through releases of her own such as “What You Sayin?” with Nadia Stone and more recently, “Life” with Lil Berete. Most importantly, Unimerce is paving a way for her peers and making a major impact in the process.

For our latest interview, we got to chat with Unimerce about the key to her success, making the transition into producing, and her new record titled “Life” amongst other things. Check out the full conversation below.

Tell me a bit about your story, what are some key moments that led to where you are now?

I would go to all these festivals from a very young age. It was this one festival and I was standing in the crowd and there were people all around me holding up their flags from their home countries. I could just feel the frequency of the music and that was the start of me feeling like I wanted to be on the stage. I think that was a really key moment and as I continued to then go on and DJ, I played big parties and big audiences. I think I really just manifested it.

Do you have a certain principle or set of rules that you follow that keep you sharp?

Definitely. I feel like every show, I make it my second nature to be so good on the decks. It’s like an acting play, you act out the show so much that when you actually get on stage, you’re so on point that you don’t have to think about the mechanicals of everything. I think just taking a lot of practice and time to master your craft.

What sparked your transition to becoming an producer and curating music under your name?

I think to get to the next level of anything, you always have to be leveeing up. I mastered my craft as a DJ and I started to want to make my own music. I always play other people’s music and people are turning up to it and I wanted people to turn up to my music. That’s what kind of sparked my interest in production. Once I learned the science of everything, and I took a step back from DJ’ing two years. It was the right choice because we’re on lockdown now. Now I have my own studio where I have all the artists come in and create from scratch.

You have a single with Lil Berete called “Life,” what’s the story on how that record came about?

When I was making that beat, I was expressing what I was feeling in that moment. Berete was coming in the next day so I was tapping into those powers as well as how he expresses himself through music. This beat was tailored for him and it was one of the first beats I played for him. “Life” was created then and there that night.

If you can recall, what’s one of the most craziest experiences that you’ve had as a DJ?

I think it would be playing Veld, which is a festival in Toronto. It was the first year that they were doing a hip-hop stage and I was the first DJ to play it. That was just incredible, you go out into a crowd of thousands of people and you don’t even think it’s that many. That was definitely my favorite time because you’re just feeding off the energy and everyone is there to have an amazing time.

Obviously with most in-person shows canceled, how have you been staying connected with your fans?

I’ve been doing lives where I create beats. I get other producers to send me beats so that I stay engaged with other people who make music. That’s been one of my favorite things since locked down as well as creating with other artists.

By chance, have you picked up any new skills or hobbies over the quarantine?

I think I literally spend so much time in the studio that I’ve just gotten better at my production. I just feel like I’ve gotten a lot better having all of this spare time. Another thing is just having more time for self-development with meditation and really figuring out myself.

Apart from your new record, is there anything else that your fans keep their eyes peeled for this year?

Lots of new music and I also love creating my own music videos. I think it’s in June that I’m set to do my EP so I’m really excited about that.

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