Published: May 6, 2022

Last Updated: November 29, 2023

Tove Styrke Unveils New Single “YouYouYou”

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Tove Styrke returns with her latest musical offering “YouYouYou.” Teased on TikTok weeks prior to its release, the song depicts the Swedish singer falling in love with someone else despite having feelings for another respective partner.

On the song, she sings, “I’m in love with someone new / Still I’m dreaming about you / All the phases in my life / Have your name etched with a knife.” Later in the record, Styrke croons, “Got someone to change my mood / And there’s nothing we won’t do / But when we kiss, I think of you.”

“YouYouYou” follows Styrke’s latest string of singles released earlier this, coming months removed from her single “Hardcore.” The song, produced by ELVIRA, is about the singer wanting someone all in with many sensual innuendos as the song title hints. Prior to that, she released “Show Me Love,” a song dedicated to a former loved one who Tove found herself deeply in love with. Each of these tracks is slated to appear on her forthcoming project Hard, slated to release in the coming months.

“I knew right away that the video was gonna have to be a dramatic portrayal of passion. I wanted to interact with people that kept changing throughout the song,” Tove Styrke shares in regards to the video. “I wanted it to be steamy, sexual and I also wanted to incorporate dance and use the body and movement as an expression as much as the music. We shot the whole thing on film, only using analog tricks for the effects. I think that approach fits the sound perfectly.”

In the meantime, listen to Tove Styrke’s new song “YouYouYou” below.