Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke Unveils Sexy New Single “Show Me Love”

Swedish pop star Tove Styrke comes full circle as she shares her new single “Show Me Love.” Accompanied by its Oskar Gullstrand-directed visual effort, the track displays Tove’s impressive vocals with a heartfelt soaring chorus.

“Show Me Love” arrives months removed from the October release of “Start Walking,” which quickly garnered support from fans alike. Prior to that, Tove Styrke made major waves upon dropping “Mood Swings,” a cut that delves deeper into the personality that we all love. Her latest single, which was co-written and produced with Elof Loelv and Sophia Somajo, explores the singer yearning for love and all the emotions that come with it.

Speaking on the inspiration behind her latest record, Tove shares, “I wrote it for someone I was madly in love with. Every word went directly from emotional parts of me, that I usually keep hidden, straight into the mic. It’s rare for me to write without any hesitation like that.”

She adds, “We chew up love like fast food, yet when we truly fall for someone it’s always the same big, amazing, dangerous thing. Slow love. Hard love. It grows, it hurts and it bends and it breaks. These feelings are like candy paste and cement at the same time. We’ve got that fun, fast food, easy side to it but it can also evolve into a war. I’m scared and obsessed with it.”

Alongside the new single release, Tove Styrke is slated to embark on a US tour with a headline LA gig at The Peppermint Club and then supporting fellow pop star MARINA. The tour will kick off on February 1 and end on February 25 in New York. In the meantime, watch “Show Me Love” below.

In other music news, the soundtrack for Euphoria season 2 gets a release date slated for February 25.

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