Tobes44 Unveils New Project “Runo”

Atlanta-based UK-Nigerian artist Tobes44 sounds more confident than ever.

He may be a rookie, but very few newcomers have demonstrated as much elevation and power in a new project as Tobes44 himself. On RUNO, Tobes reveals how special of an artist he truly is in his ability to capture the listener with his diversified sound. He gives us the drill, the Afro-swing, the sexuality, and the influences of hip-hop in an eight-song EP. Although RUNO is only eight songs long, it still feels complete featuring back-to-back heat that makes you want to hit the repeat button to hear them again. The UK-Nigerian native experiments with his vocals, the beats, and the play on words in every track.

RUNO, originally spelled Ogheneruno, captivates every bit of its meaning, “God has done me well.” Tobes carries different energy with his latest offering. He acknowledges his journey as being led by God through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. He views his artistry as being God-given and never fails to be thankful for it all. With “Ready” being the opening song, Fred Hammond’s “Let The Praise Begin” sampling makes this all too real. The echoes of the choir singing “Are you ready?” force the listener to look within. Are you prepared? Are you grateful for what you have? Are you mindful? Tobes44 succeeds at blending classic praise into a more modern sound with personality and confidence the audience can feel. With lines like, “I’m thankful. I’ve been tryna write my name in heaven with a pencil,” we witness Tobes actively processing his blessings while learning to block out anything going against him.

The 8th song, “Done Well”, sums up those experiences beautifully as Tobes44 expresses his pent-up thoughts to God. In a way, it comes off as a small prayer…a personal moment if you will, and we all are just listening to it. The number 44 is the number of the chosen ones in a biblical context. “Big 44, they ain’t made as me even if they got the same name as me” acknowledges that meaning. Tobes understands where he came from and where he is going because He follows the path made for him. At the end of the song, you can hear his father speaking clearly to the listener to follow after their dreams. His words, “Quit hiding the dreams and talents that God has given you,” hits hard at home for anyone allowing fear to enter the pathways of their minds. It resonates deeply to forget the what-ifs, forget who wants to talk you out of your achievements, and forget who is not there with you. You have to believe you will get to where you want to go, and Tobes is right where he belongs. God has him, and God has done him well.

RUNO is a transformative piece highlighting every bit of growth in Tobes44 as an artist. It made me feel empowered as a fellow creative to keep going, keep pushing, and inspire others. It also made me feel amazing to have songs that speak on the sensuality of a woman without degrading her, such as “OMG” and “Real General”, both leading singles on the EP. There are entirely no skips. The songs blend perfectly to show us precisely who Tobes is as a man and an artist. This is his testimony, and we are here to experience the journey.

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