TLM Unveils His Long-Awaited Album ‘Full Force Forward’

In celebration of his birthday today, underground Atlanta rapper TLM has unveiled his long-awaited album, Full Force Forward. The ten-track record arrives with a star-studded roster of rising talent, including Ro J., Ronny DoGood, and RayMarc. On the record, which is largely self-produced, TLM discusses his aspirations of fame and wealth while also reflecting on what he’s experienced and where he has come from. The LP’s experimental and spacial sound creates a euphoric listening experience, and he can be heard improving his delivery and utilizing a more refined flow.

On four tracks, including “Top of the Top” and “Green House Souljas,” TLM and his brother, RayMarc, prove why they’re one of the most dynamic and intriguing sibling duos in music, as they effortlessly match each other’s energies and styles. On the latter track, they’re joined by their close friend and fellow budding star, SwaVay. However, TLM stands out on his own with inspiring and heartfelt lyrics, and he ensures that the album is a reflection of his thoughts and oversight.

TLM has had connections to Ethereal and Awful Records and is a well-known staple of Atlanta’s underground rap scene. With the release of Full Force Forward, his best work to date, he’s on a path to reaching new heights in his career.

Stream the album below:

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