Tierra Whack Returns With Stirring New Amination “Dora”

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Tierra Whack has arguably turned many heads for creative visuals and one-of-a-kind rhymes that resonate with fans alike. Today, the Philadelphia-native returns unexpectedly with a new single and video aptly titled “Dora.”

The concept came about in the Spring of 2020 as Tierra Whack approached Alex De Corte about the concept. The visuals for “Dora” are very vibrant and colorful, serving as a great addition to the record’s refreshing energy. “Dora is a tabletop ballet. Dora is a call to persist and to explore,” Alex says in the press statement.

Speaking on the animated video, director Alex Da Corte stated: “Recognizing that the video would be developed while working remotely and collaboratively with many animators and artists across the country, I began thinking of ways in which different colors work together, always both remotely and collaboratively. In the process of color printing, the three primary process colors Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are printed as tiny dots, in layers, along with Black to produce pictures. I imagined, with the limited supplies in my studio, I would get to work, combining materials and layering them, in the spirit of color process printing to produce pictures, moving pictures.”

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