thuy singer press photo 2022

thuy Debuts Her Stunning New Project ‘girls like me don’t cry’

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thuy singer press photo 2022

thuy has released a new EP aptly titled girls like me don’t cry, along with a hazy music video for the EP’s title track. The seven songs across the project are a hymn to love in all its forms, from self-love to romantic love, and what it means to go through everything that it envelopes.

“It’s okay to cry,” shares thuy. “Crying is not a sign of weakness; crying is when you are in tune with yourself, and you let it out and then go back to go back to your life. When I wrote this song, I was trying to tough it out during a really hard time in my life, and all I wanted to do was let it out. Once I did, I felt like a huge weight off my shoulder, and it showed me that I can have and show emotion but still be strong at the same time.”

The record, which is full of timeless narrative telling, warm voices, and fluttering melodies, marks a significant new step for the young artist as she watches herself grow from a regional celebrity to a worldwide phenomenon. The “girls like me don’t cry” video was made to feature four accomplished women in the entertainment industry whose work puts them in the limelight. In spite of appearances, even the most confident women struggle with uncertainty and insecurity as shown in the latter of the four-minute visual directed by Edgar Daniel.

Her previous song “trust” starring RINI and short film “playing tricks” have amassed over 3.6 million streams and are both were very popular with fans alike prior the project’s release. Following up on her first album, i hope u see this, thuy’s sophomore EP shows a more mature and secure version of herself as a woman and an artist-songwriter.