Tash Blake RAYDAR Press Photo

Tash Blake Talks Influences, “Inject Me,” and Upcoming Debut Project

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Tash Blake RAYDAR Press Photo

LA-based singer and songwriter Tash Blake, recently lauded as “the possible lovechild of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Madonna,” is bringing her unique sound to the forefront with the release of her new single, “Inject Me.” The energetic dance record captivates listeners with its raw exploration of passionate love and the inevitable heartache that can follow.

Drawing from her influences, Tash’s “Inject Me” is a powerful statement that showcases her vulnerable yet bold approach to songwriting. The track’s theatrical beginning and uptempo beat create an infectious atmosphere, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the lyrics that delve into the complexities of desire and surrender.

Tash Blake has been making a name for herself since her debut single, “Mannequin,” released last December. With a visually stunning music video that has amassed over 3.1 million views, the singer-songwriter has demonstrated her ability to create empowering and captivating music that speaks directly to her growing fanbase.

Accompanying the record, Tash shared her thoughts on “Inject Me,” stating, “I have always felt this deep desire and need for a strong love even if it ends up hurting me. The song expresses exactly that, capturing the intense love I crave and the magical yet dark nature of the music industry.”

As Tash Blake continues to build her discography, last month’s release of her second single, “So Bad Together,” hints at a promising debut project due later this year. Read on for our in-depth conversation with Tash, where chat about her influences, creative process, and the anticipated debut project due out later this year.

Hey Tash! What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how has your journey evolved from your early beginnings to where you are now? 

Music has always been my “happy place.” I wouldn’t be able to survive without it. I was always taking part in musicals and plays and choir performances growing up, and then once I turned 15, I just knew that I needed to be pursuing music as a career. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! Throughout the last few years, I have developed and evolved as an artist and figured out who I am and what I want to say. 

Throughout my life, I have struggled with my mental health and music truly became my main outlet. In my music, I tend to blend dark moments with a lighter feeling. Darkness or negative emotions are a part of life and often are a part of our most meaningful life events so they are essential to acknowledge and deal with to get to and appreciate the positive, love, joy, friendship, and fun. 

Growing up immersed in dance and musical theater, how have these backgrounds contributed to your artistry, stage presence, and overall approach to music? 

Being on the stage is truly one of my favorite things in the entire world. It’s just so fun. Everything I learned and loved from growing up dancing and performing in musicals definitely allows me to connect with the audience on stage, and hit a magical zone while performing. Every time I create a new song, I am always imagining how it will feel to perform it on stage for the audience, so it is incredibly important to me. I think about how different parts of a song will create drama, lyrical connection, body connection, and excitement for fans. 

Your latest single, “Inject Me,” showcases vulnerability and boldness. Can you share the inspiration behind this track and how it relates to your experiences with love and heartaches? 

“Inject Me” is all about having a strong desire for an intense love even if it ends up hurting me. In my life, I have always felt that something is missing because I just crave love and connection so deeply. Nothing ever has been enough, and I am looking for that love that goes straight to the vein, but I also wonder if that intense craving is actually dangerous. 

Another thing that has your fans obsessed is your aesthetic—who are some of your style inspirations and overall, what do you love most about fashion? 

Fashion is everything. Other than music, it is definitely how I express myself. I love that fashion makes me feel confident and that fashion and music can complement, or contradict, each other. I’ve always been drawn to edgy details, both oversized shapes, and form-fitting shapes. Although black is my favorite color, I definitely am not scared to play with brighter colors, especially when they reflect my mood. I love strange and over-the-top clothing, as well as a more mod approach too.

Looking at European fashion has definitely influenced me growing up. A go-to for me is an oversized men’s suit pant and suit jacket with a cropped tight tank and chunky heeled boots. I love big shoulders. They make me feel superhuman. A good fingerless glove is yummy. Rocker-chic is something I typically channel.

I like feeling witchy and weird and androgynous a lot of the time. Other times, I like feeling more girly and playful and feminine. It all depends on my mood. Fashion is art to me and I love playing dress up. But then again, I love a good sweatpants and sweatshirt vibe too. 

Your makeup looks are just as stunning as well! What are your fave beauty products at the moment and particularly, what’s your go-to lipstick? 

Awww, thank you! I love playing with makeup. I have so many favorites, but recently I’ve been loving my ice roller. I got it from CVS and it’s a game-changer to de-puff my face in the morning. Makeup-wise, I love anything by Charlotte Tilbury. Lately, my go-to lipstick is either Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade “Super Fabulous” or the shade “So Red.” 

Also, another genuinely incredible thing about your lyrics is that they’re often bold and in-your-face, aiming to inspire and empower women. Can you talk about how important that message is, not just important to you, but to your audience? 

Thank you for saying that! As a child, I always gravitated toward artists who made me feel like I could do anything and be whoever I wanted to be. Once I started making music, I naturally wanted to be that person for anyone out there that needs someone to remind them that they can be themselves no matter what and to feel strong in who they are! Being a young woman myself, I think it is of great importance to empower other women, but I think my entire audience knows I stand with anyone who needs a reminder of their self-worth and the importance of their individuality. 

With your debut project set to release later this year, what can fans expect in terms of themes, collaborations, and overall sound? 

I am so excited to release my first project. You can expect synth, dance, sparkles, griminess, and a whole bunch of lyrics that will make you feel yourself and be proud of who you are! Can’t expose too much, but it’s going to be fun! 

In addition to your music, do you have any other creative outlets or passions that you’d like to explore further? 

Acting is definitely a passion of mine that I would love to explore further. I’ve always loved transforming into a different character.