Taloula RAYDAR Press Shot

Published: May 8, 2023

Last Updated: May 7, 2023

Taloula Opens Up About Finding Her Voice and New Single “DANGER”

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Taloula RAYDAR Press Shot

East-London-based rising star Taloula fearlessly melds R&B, soul, and hip-hop in her fresh and funky single “DANGER,” offering fans a tantalizing preview of her eagerly awaited debut album, set to drop later this year.

Channeling her eclectic influences, Taloula creates a vibrant soundscape in “DANGER,” where her captivating vocals and multi-faceted production skills take center stage. The track is elevated by pulsating synths, groovy basslines, and jazz-infused brass breaks, all self-produced by the musician herself and enhanced by the silky trumpet artistry of Jackson Mathod. This latest offering solidifies the singer-songwriter’s status as a formidable multi-hyphenate talent to keep an eye on.

In her music, Taloula embraces the exploration of self-discovery and vulnerability, and “DANGER” is no exception. Her polished vocal layering weaves seamlessly into breezy breakbeats, leaving room for thought-provoking wisdom and a sophisticated sonic aesthetic. Through this empowering anthem, she aspires to ignite a new generation of independent thinkers unafraid to face their fears and embrace their inner voices.

Discussing the inspiration behind the record, Taloula shares, ‘‘‘DANGER’ is about encouraging and celebrating the power that we all have within us. I used to live through the opinions of others, never listening to my inner voice due to fear and lack of confidence.”

She adds, “It has been a long journey to understand that I have a voice, that I am allowed to have my own opinions. Now I can embrace fear with wisdom and enlighten my inner self with confidence and playfulness.” As anticipation builds for her forthcoming body of work and with more releases slated for this year, Taloula’s latest single sets a thrilling precedent in her journey through the London R&B landscape.

In our latest conversation, Taloula opens up about the new single, producing her own music, fashion and beauty as it relates to artistry, and so much more. Read on for our full conversation and stream the new release below.

Hey Taloula! How has 2023 been treating you so far, both musically and personally?

To be honest, the beginning of 2023 was quite tough for me. I also hate winter and of course, when you live in London, winter can be very intense. But I was finishing my songs for my upcoming album, so I spent a lot of my time in my room or in the studio or going to some jam sessions to feel free and alive on stage hihi. 

Moving from Paris to London obviously marked a new chapter in your life and musical journey. How has the London R&B scene influenced your sound and artistic direction?

I mean, since I was little I was influenced by the American R&B culture but when I moved to London I discovered the R&B scene and was amazed by the talent here. What I enjoy about this city is the openness to the musical genres. When I go to a jam it’s mostly jazz, but you can find R&B, soul, hip-hop, funk, and so many other genres. I like the diversity and the freedom that can be found among the artists in London.

Your new single “DANGER” is about self-realization and embracing your inner power. Can you share your journey of finding your own voice and confidence?

It’s a long journey and I’m still discovering how I can feel empowered and confident. To be honest, it depends on the day because sometimes I feel shit, I feel depressed, I feel that I’m not worth it, etc… But then I just noticed that it’s just the negative thoughts in my head that are loud sometimes, I just need to understand that I have to control them and not the opposite. It’s all about deciding to talk to ourselves with kindness and love so that we can embrace our power and feel more confident. 

The record is self-produced while maintaining a refreshingly classy sonic aesthetic, and it honestly sounds really amazing. What was your creative process like for the track and conversely, how was it collaborating with Jackson Mathod?

Oh thank you! So basically, I’ve been producing music for 6 years now but I never took it too seriously because I’m very perfectionist and I had to practice more on my skills to produce a song. I started to produce “DANGER” last year in my room, on my computer and to be honest I never thought that I would be creating a song.

It was just me vibing in my room just for fun and the pleasure of producing a beat. Then I started to create the vocal melody. Then I was like, “Oh ok, that song is hard! Let’s finish it!” So I called my friend Caleb Kunle to help me with the lyrics and then I had this idea to add some trumpets at the end of the song so I called my friend Jackson Mathod, which is an honor to work with him. He is very talented and was very open and cool with my ideas. 

Having been doing music for quite a while now, I’m curious to know how much of a role a style has on your artistry? Do you ever find yourself turning to fashion as a means of expressing yourself?

I love fashion. My mom used to design her own clothes to perform on stage because she was a singer for 30 years. She had also created clothes for my previous career in France for my tour or music videos. I think it’s important for me to find my own style and I’m still discovering what I like and what really shows my inner self, it’s not easy because I like so many different styles. I’m still processing it.

Beauty-wise, what skincare and makeup products do you have in constant rotation at the moment?

So for my skincare routine, I use Make-Up Removing Balm by Oh My Cream, Evercalm Gel by REN, then Love & Haight Hydrating Cream by PAI in the morning, and the Squalane Facial Oil by INDIE LEE before going to bed. 

And for the make-up I use mostly products from: Make Up For Ever, MAC, and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Your music explores themes of vulnerability and empowerment. How do you hope your music impacts and resonates with your listeners?

I really hope to heal people like I heal myself. When my mom used to sing on stage, people cried of joy. My aunt is a therapist for 25 years. My cousin is a sound healer… We have this healing energy in my family. Ever since I was little, I always thought it was my mission to heal people through music.

I want people to realize their power because everyone has something special. They just need to be aware of it. I want to bring light to people like the sun can bring light into our lives. I’m genuinely really caring and really want people to feel better.

Your debut album is highly anticipated by your fans alike. So far, what can we expect from this upcoming project in terms of themes, sounds, and collaborations?

This album is the continuation of my first EP called The Evolution of Taloula, which I released in December 2021 because I’m literally talking about my personal development as an artist and as a human being. This big transition that I had made in my life. From a French pop star to an independent artist, from France to the UK, from a big flat to a tiny shared room, from receiving a lot of money to living on my savings…

All those big changes have had a huge impact on me, psychologically speaking. So I’m talking about what I’ve been through and how I can still have faith after 10 years of being successful, to start over a new career on my own. I’m a believer and I know that if I follow my own gut I will succeed, again!