Take A Step Into Lance Lorenzo’s World

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Lance Lorenzo is an emerging artist from Ontario, Canada, who has been making music since 2017. The creative process of things always fascinated him and would push him to seek the fulfilling feeling of coming up with a creative idea, and executing it.

For much of 2017 and early 2019, Lance Lorenzo spent time working on and releasing his debut project, ChanksLorenzo, and follow-up EP, Boundless. After releasing numerous singles throughout the summer and fall of that year, he released müde in March 2020, believing it to be the first project to truly mark his progression since his debut.

Navigating through the pandemic, Lance Lorenzo has shown his growth as both an artist and person through a series of releases. He has a raw talent and high-energy vibes that hits you like a truck going a hundred miles an hour, and that’s what sets him aside from most. This month, Lance Lorenzo is sharing his new single “Toner,” which we had the opportunity to chat about.

In our latest interview, Lance Lorenzo dropped in to discuss his musical journey, new single “Toner,” and a guide to his favorite artists from Ontario. Check out the conversation below.

For those who are unfamiliar with you as an artist, can you walk us through your journey and how you gravitated towards music?

I’ve always had a passion for music, starting off as the friend who knew all the lyrics to all the songs, and over-analyzing all the songs I loved listening to. I gravitated towards music when I took time off from University, since I figured I still had a lot of time on my hands while I was working my two jobs to put time into something I wouldn’t have the time to focus on if I was still in school.

Who or what inspires your songs and what’s your favorite part of the creating process?

I have always been inspired by Kanye West in how he approaches and executes the creative process. When it comes to pre-release, I honestly love every step, especially once you have reached the end and you look back in hindsight to when you were at the earlier stages of the process.

Within the actual process itself, my favorite part is when you found that perfect wave, and every take you do sounds better, and more crisp, new ideas are flowing much easier, and you’re confidently nearing the stage where you’re about to enter the mastering phase. I taught myself how to make my own cover art, as well as cool and appealing promo clips and visualizers, not only to step up my presentation, but it helps immerse myself deeper into the process, which builds a higher form of appreciation for the end product.

What has been one of the most valuable lessons that you’ve learned since embarking on your musical journey?

The importance of patience, once I knew I was pursuing this music thing purely off of passion. There has been countless times that my patience has allowed me to further hone my creative abilities, thus creating an even better final product to present to the world. I used to rush my work at times near the end, from announcing release dates much too early, out of either being too excited, or feeling like I was “behind”, but after countless times of thanking myself for staying patient, it’s the only way for me to go from now on.

Your forthcoming release “Toner” is set to drop later this month—what’s the inspiration behind it?

Toner is a loud, jumpy, song, recalling nights at the club from the perspective of myself. The name is in reference to the fact I use a toner in my hair to lighten it. Once I revisited the song after nearly 7 months had passed, with the uncertainty about the next time we will experience the club atmosphere still looming, I had decided to include these phaser-induced sections in the beat that mellow out, to symbolize that uncertainty, almost as if it is no longer able to be its original loud self anymore.

The second verse turns to a more introspective look at what I’ve thought about in the recent months. The only thing that maintains its loud resonant nature, is my voice, intent on resetting the tone by myself. 

Outside of your own music, who are some emerging artists in your rotation right now?

I used to be so on top of new music when I was younger before I made music. Nowadays, I find that I’m often listening to my music that is still in the process of being made, in addition to a lot of artists from my hometown of Ottawa. My whole city really has been taking it up a notch in the past year and a bit specifically, so it’s hard to pinpoint just one or two names.

Primarily, I’m always listening to my main guys from my friend group and music collective, Major League, so that would be JKing, Kass, Keynes Woods, Velli, Hueso, Naybarr, and Pharaoh. Beyond that, I’d definitely have some L.N Red, Lindasson, Gelato Gang, Romedontdie, and of course, City Fidelia on rotation. 

Besides your new record, “Toner,” are you currently working on anything new for 2021?

There is so much coming after Toner. I  have a music video on the way for a song off my upcoming album, Vive La 808: Reloaded Edition, a deluxe-style project that was originally released in December 2020, with only 5 songs, now with an extra 6 songs. When I release the album, I have a lot of unreleased songs in the vault, projects that are still in the rough draft stages. It is really up to how I feel creatively, and what part of the story I want to present next.

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