Hannah Guerra Influencer Photo

Style Influencer Hannah Guerra on Her Beauty Inspiration, Fashion Must-Haves, and More

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Hannah Guerra Influencer Photo

Fashion influencer Hannah Guerra proves that style is more than the clothes we wear but an extension of our personalities and narratives. An exciting face in the world of content creation, Guerra threads her way seamlessly through the intricacies of style, beauty, and the evolving landscape of social media. Her journey from Louisiana to the bustling digital sphere offers an honest take on her passion for creative self-expression, spiced with a blend of her pre-law intellectual pursuits.

Guerra’s fashion ethos is a striking blend of feminine flair and versatile elegance, balanced perfectly on the tightrope between youthful charm and the maturity of an emerging professional. She effortlessly dresses her truth, breathing life into pieces from Ralph Lauren and trend-setting brands like Princess Polly and Soho Social. By pairing them with affordable finds from Amazon, she crafts a style symphony that is as eclectic as it is accessible.

It’s on Instagram and TikTok where Guerra’s vibrant personality truly blossoms. Whether through her “Outfit of the Day” features on Instagram or her behind-the-scenes moments on TikTok, she offers a window into her world. As the content creator navigates law school and the realm of fashion simultaneously, her narratives resonate with an audience that admires both her sartorial prowess and her passion for academia.

In the beauty sphere, Guerra’s approach is minimalistic yet striking. Embracing the natural glow and the skin-first trend, she leans towards tinted moisturizers and radiant primers. Meanwhile, the influencer’s skincare routine echoes her commitment to self-care, with a keen emphasis on the importance of sunscreen and nurturing her skin. Amidst her journey into the professional world, her fashion finds focus on an intriguing intersection of trendy and mature aesthetics.

For our latest interview, Hannah Guerra talked to us about creating content, beauty routine, her favorite looks, and more. Read our conversation below.

To our friends who might not be fully familiar with your work yet, could you share a bit about yourself and your journey into content creation?

I am from Southern Louisiana, a college graduate, and an incoming law student. Creativity and individuality are passions that heavily weigh on my interests and decisions. Even as a young girl, I loved posting on social media and taking photos with my friends. During my collegiate years, I began focusing heavier on monetizing and growing my social media platform.

I love connecting with an abundance of like-minded individuals and being able to share a glimpse into my life with them through social media. On Instagram, I focus on posting outfits and Instagram inspiration for others. My Tiktok is very similar, but I also post pre-law and law school content. I use my Amazon Storefront to share affordable outfits, accessories and so many more products with my followers. Let’s connect!

Tell us about your style — how would you describe it, and who are some of your go-to brands these days?

I would describe my style as feminine and versatile. As a transitioning from a college student to an adult, I have been transforming my style into a more classic and timeless style. I love Ralph Lauren, but I often use Amazon to find more affordable dupes. I love Princess Polly and Soho Social right now, too! 

How are you connecting with your followers and using your social platform right now?

I love posting daily outfits of the day, more often referred to as “OOTD,” on my Instagram and tagging the brands, or dupes, for my followers. I often post my Amazon finds onto my Instagram stories, too. On Tiktok, I try to share more real-life content, like get ready with me videos, law school content, and behind the scenes of shooting my Instagram content.

Whether it be on TikTok or Instagram, your looks are always stunning! Can you talk to us about some of your favorite looks?

Wow, thank you so much!! Some of my favorite looks lately have been my workwear-inspired Princess Polly looks and a trendy, beachy dress from SavXo Boutique!

Let’s talk more about beauty. Who are some of your biggest beauty inspirations right now?

I have loved Selena Gomez since she was on Disney Channel, so I love that she has jumped into the beauty world now. It feels like I have grown up with her, and now even as an adult, I have a reason to still be obsessed with her! Rare Beauty blushes are the best!

Are there any other beauty trends that you’re really excited about at the moment?

I love the glass skin and glowy makeup trends right now. I am not a big fan of heavy makeup on myself, so I have been loving using tinted moisturizers and glowy primers instead of a heavy, matte foundation! 

Could you tell me a little bit about your beauty routine?

I always start out my beauty routine with a moisturized and prepped face. I love using a thick moisturizer and/or wrinkle cream first. I always wear sunscreen even if I do not plan to spend much time in the sun. My favorite sunscreen is the Supergoop, tinted or regular. Glowy skin is key to my perfect makeup routine!

Lastly, what are you shopping for right now?

Lately, I have been shopping for more “mature” outfits. I have been trying to merge a fun and trendy style with more mature materials and cuts of clothes. I think this is a common transition for young women as they graduate college and/or enter the professional world. I hope I can help my followers take this leap and inspire them to stay true to their own personal style.