Spencer Sutherland Main Press Photo

Published: October 24, 2023

Last Updated: November 16, 2023

Spencer Sutherland On Liberating ‘In His Mania,’ His Style, and More

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Spencer Sutherland Main Press Photo

Spencer Sutherland unveiled a deluxe iteration of his debut LP, In His Mania, amplifying the original record with a plethora of new content. The project is anchored by a remixed version of the standout track “Everybody,” now featuring Canadian pop sensation JESSIA. It’s also underscored by remarkable collaborations with pop icons like Meghan Trainor and the musically versatile gnash.

The deluxe version goes further in its depth and variety, featuring stripped-down demos and live recordings. Among the standout tracks is “Flower,” presented in a raw, unembellished form that draws the listener closer to the artist’s core sentiment. The live version of “Everybody,” recorded at Los Angeles’ Belasco Theater, encapsulates the raw energy and intimate rapport that Sutherland shares with his audience.

About the release, Spencer offers a full-throated endorsement: “In His Mania is my debut album, it’s my baby. It means so much to me, and I had more to give with it, so I decided to do a deluxe version. With features from JESSIA and gnash, mixed demos, and live versions, this album has more to give! I am so proud of it and very excited to put out a piece of art that symbolizes me and where I’m at in life.”

Below, we spoke to Spencer Sutherland about In His Mania, finding his voice, working with JESSIA, his style, and much more. Check it out below!

Congratulations on releasing your debut album, In His Mania, earlier this year. It’s obviously been out for quite some time, but what made this body of work so special to you?

It is my debut album! The first of what will be many, and that’s always special. But it’s the first time I arrived at what my sound and message truly are. It connected with my fans more than anything ever has, and that is so special.

Your voice is really incredible, by the way. Is that something that you recognized very early on or do you still get imposter syndrome listening to yourself sometimes?

Thank you! I have always loved to sing. In fact, I have had a hard time not singing all the time, especially as a kid. I don’t get imposter syndrome with singing because I truly believe it’s my calling. I have learned to use all of my voice in all ways, and for that, I am thankful.

The deluxe edition introduces six new songs, including remixes from JESSIA and gnash. Personally, I feel like their contributions were such an amazing addition to the originals. Can you tell me about reworking those two songs?

Collaborating is something I’ve fallen in love with. I love hearing how other artists interpret my records in their respective ways. What JESSIA and gnash did on “Everybody” and “Strange Feeling” was brilliant, and they just added to the message and feeling of each song. I am so lucky to have them on these songs!

And then “flower (demo)” almost sounds unrecognizable from the version we initially got back in March. What inspired you to take it into a different creative direction?

I originally wrote this song in 2019, and that was how it sounded! I let it sit there for years until it finally came to me how the production should sound. Having the demo be so haunting and stripped down is cool compared to the cinematic, giant version of the official “Flower” song.

Also, I know you went on tour for the project afterward — can you describe how it felt to perform some of these records live?

Indescribable, truly. It was everything and more than my childhood self dreamed of. To have these wonderful, beautiful fans sing every word to my debut album night after night was something that will stick with me forever.

I read that some of your style was inspired by Elvis Presley. What do you love so much about his looks, and conversely, what do you think is missing in today’s fashion?

I think Elvis is the definition of cool. He made glam bell bottoms happen. He is the first man to wear hot pink on stage, and wear big rings, etc. I take a lot from the king’s fashion and performance styles. I think retro fashion is missing from today, and I wanna help bring it back.

For men, sometimes it can be a bit difficult or awkward to express yourself through fashion. What advice would you give to this generation when it comes to finding your style?

It was difficult until it wasn’t. It’s only awkward because we care so much about what people think. I finally stopped caring, and I was able to fully commit to expressing myself in however ways I wanted to through fashion! My advice is, who cares, wear that thing. If people stare, at least you’re making them turn their heads.

With the holidays coming up, what are your wardrobe essentials this season?

Lots of sweaters, ’60s cardigans, cropped sweater vests, peacoats, and corduroy bell bottoms. Also, I think I’m going to try to give scarves a moment this holiday season.