Sophie and the Giants Main Press Photo

Sophie and the Giants Talks About Her New Single “Paradise” and Touring

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Sophie and the Giants Main Press Photo

Sophie and the Giants is poised to make an indelible mark on the international music scene. Her latest single, “Paradise,” is a tantalizing collaboration with Purple Disco Machine, echoing their past successful pairings. The track fuses Sophie’s enthralling vocals with irresistible disco beats, weaving a musical tapestry that’s sure to ignite dance floors worldwide.

Following the release of the chart-topping tracks “Hypnotized” and “In the Dark,” the new record opens a riveting new chapter in Sophie’s musical journey. The partnership with Purple Disco Machine illuminates their shared artistic vision, a powerful alliance that transcends the boundaries of sound and rhythm. Sophie’s individual appeal, further demonstrated by her impressive solo streams, emphasizes her extraordinary talent and universal resonance.

Looking ahead, Sophie and the Giants is gearing up for a headline tour in 2023, including a comprehensive itinerary of European festivals. With anticipation building, Sophie is set to capture hearts and inspire movement across the continent. Her unique brand of infectious sound and high-energy performance promises a thrilling live experience for fans.

Coming off the heels of “Paradise,” Sophie aims to evoke a sense of freedom and exhilaration in her listeners. She envisions the track as a musical liberation: “I hope ‘Paradise’ makes people feel completely free and liberated, like nothing else matters but this moment,” she declares, a sentiment sure to resonate deeply with her fans as they embark on this musical journey with her.

Below, we got to chat with the singer about the record, working with Purple Disco Man, and her visual identity among other topics. Check out the interview below.

Hey Sophie, how are you? We’re halfway through, so how has 2023 been treating you so far?

it’s been my favorite. so busy and even more fun. I’ve never felt so chaotic and excited about the music I’m making. I’ve made some really positive changes in my life also, which my mental health is grateful for. Just trying to prioritize joy and not taking myself too seriously. 

Your latest track, “Paradise,” continues your chemistry with Purple Disco Man and sounds like the perfect soundtrack for any club or dancefloor. Can you tell us what it’s about?

It’s exactly that. it was created to pull you onto the dance floor. Everyone has to have their own paradise that they can escape to. This song is the portal. I hope it reminds people to live.

He’s a frequent collaborator of yours, with the two of you working together quite a bit since 2020’s “Hypnotized.” How does he bring the best out of your music? 

We understand each other, he knows exactly what my songs need and I know exactly what he needs. It’s really magic when we work together, and it fits perfectly every time. 

As an artist, you have a really strong visual identity, both across your music videos and shows. How would you describe your style at the current moment?

Not human, hopefully! 

At school, I was picked on for having blonde eyebrows, so I bleached them. I was picked on for having ginger hair, so I dyed it an even brighter red. My whole look is a protest against what other people wanted me to be and the world’s concept of what is beautiful. No one else has to live in this body, so I want to feel authentic to myself, I absolutely don’t care about fitting in. 

Another thing I wanted to ask you about was your tattoos; you obviously have quite a few. Can you tell us about some of the most meaningful ones or are they mainly for aesthetic?

They’re all pretty spontaneous. Some of them I’ve done to myself, and the rest are friends or artists I love. They all have their own quirky story, which would take a while to get through, but they’re just stupid and fun and I love that. 

Having been on an upward trajectory since 2018’s “Monsters,” what advice would you give to artists looking to break through the noise and start a music career? 

Keep getting to know yourself and the art you want to create, you never stop learning and growing. Try everything so you know what is meant for you and what isn’t. Mistakes are good for that, so don’t be afraid of them. Make sure whatever you do, it sets your soul on fire, and don’t waste time with things that don’t bring you to life. Life’s way too short, the most important thing is to enjoy it. 

To wrap up, you’re going to be touring for the next few months, which is always exciting. Can you talk to us about how it feels to perform live—whether it be euphoric or frightening—and meet your fans?

I love meeting my fans, they’re just the most beautiful people. Performing for me is always frightening. I’ve had stage fright since the first time I did anything in front of anyone, but the Euphoria I get from overcoming my fears every time so that I can do what I love is the best feeling ever.