Sophia Amato ICONS Press Photo

Published: October 12, 2023

Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Sophia Amato Chats “ICONS,” Her Internet Obsessions, and More

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Sophia Amato ICONS Press Photo

Returning from a hiatus that left fans eagerly awaiting her next move, Sophia Amato drops her latest single, “ICONS,” a musical tribute to the soul of New York City.

Known for defying genre boundaries, the London and New York-based artist delivers a daring and unapologetic anthem infused with elements like jazz horns and synths. With lyrics inspired by the city’s skyscrapers, the single becomes an empowering narrative that encapsulates the restless energy of the metropolis.

According to Amato, “I wanted to bring the chaos and density of the city into the layers of the song through elements like jazz horns, synths, and vocal stacks. Lyrical verses that resemble snippets of overheard conversations, along with anthemic horns and energetic drums, ‘ICONS’ serves as an anthem for self-empowerment, a sense of arrival, and my personal soundtrack to the city.”

The musician’s creative journey spans more than just singing and songwriting. She also has roots in theatre arts and has recently added the titles of producer and director to her resume. With the release of “ICONS,” she finds herself at the crossroads of music, art, and film. She masterfully curated not only a compelling track but also a short film that celebrates both individuality and the iconic landscapes of NYC.

In our conversation below, Sophia Amato spoke with us about how she got into music, her evolution, and what she hopes listeners will take away from her tunes, to name a few topics.

Hey Sophia, could you talk us through how you first got into music? Are there any stand-out early musical memories?

I loved singing since I was really young. I would listen to Freddie Mercury and Aretha Franklin in the back of the car. It was a 40-minute drive to school, so usually enough time to listen to a full album from beginning to end. 

I read that you travel back and forth from London to New York. How do you think these elements of your identity have shaped your sound?

I think cities have their own soundtrack. I wanted “ICONS” and the EP to sound like the environment. Jazz elements, conversations, and the density of the city. I tried bringing all that energy into the layers and the lyrics.

Regarding your new single, “ICONS,” how did it come about?

I had the title for a while and a horn loop. We added synths, energetic drums, and lots of vocal stacks. I wanted to write a song that was my own personal anthem. 

How do you think the track marks an evolution from some of your past releases, especially your debut single, “Glorious Mess”?

‘ICONS’ is a song that celebrates independence and individuality; Glorious Mess was total heartbreak. It felt lighter making this EP, yet there’s still an urgency and excitement in telling these stories. This EP is a love letter to myself and the city. Kinda cool writing a love song that’s not about someone.

There’s obviously a lot of hard work that went on behind the scenes to bring the video to life. Can you walk us through your wardrobe for “ICONS”?

Yes! We did a fitting at midnight, the night before shooting. We tried a few bright pieces, but it felt too colorful. The song is authentic and confident, so we went for a minimal, structured jacket and a couple of muted layers. I had super long hair, which was the main feature. I felt strong, powerful, and feminine. 

Outside of music, what’s currently your favorite Internet obsession?

Right now, it’s Japanese avant-garde books. I love the graphics, design, and symbolism. It’s inspiring my next project. 

What do you hope that listeners take away from your music? Is there a particular message or feeling you try to get across with your output?

This EP, for me, is how a city and its people can challenge the idea of home and identity. There are so many details in the lyrics and layers that I hope listeners feel empowered to be vulnerable, confident, and find belonging, whether that’s in a place, in a community, or in themselves.