Songstress min.a Shares Emotive New Single “Hour 24”

Alt-pop singer min.a is propelling to new heights and evoking emotions, unlike any other artists with her latest releases. This past year, she treated fans to her four-track EP, Hi-Fi, and most recently, “Patient”. Now, min.a shares a new single titled, “Hour 24.”

“‘Hour 24’ is a song I wrote about being so frustrated with myself that I began to spiral into not feeling good enough—both as a person and as an artist. That constant balance of not being sure if what I’m doing is working or worth it and the knowledge that I have to keep moving forward,” min.a stated about the record. “Working with Jake LiBassi of Shifted Recordings in New York, an extremely supportive collaborator, allowed me to reach a spot of vulnerability where I was able to harness those emotions and make this song come to life.”

In an exciting run for min.a, “Hour 24” will follow up her appearance during this years’ VMA’s. This single is set up to be one of her brightest moments of the year thus far. “Hour 24” will provide a full picture of what the 21-year-old sensation can do.

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