Somadina RAYDAR

Somadina Takes Us Into The Depths Of ‘Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable’

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Somadina RAYDAR

An undeniable superstar in the making, Somadina is rallying the ladies in a triumphant display of female empowerment. What makes the artist so enticing is the way in which she creates a sensation, atmosphere, an unmistakable force portrayed over Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable, her latest full-length offering. Comprised of 11 tracks, the project puts forth some of her best work to date.

Listeners can get their fill of upbeat productions from artists like Grammy nominees Soft Glas and GMK as well emerging stars like Chi Virgo, The Cavemen, and vocalist L0la all in one eclectic package. While the instrumentation fluctuates throughout the record, Somadina’s recognizable strong voice serves as a constant. Pre-release cuts like “Rolling Loud” and “Y I Want U” already raised anticipation for the project, but songs like “Crzy Girl” and “Citrus Tears” further laminate her as one of the most exciting artists to watch in the current day.

Take a listen to the project below and continue reading as Somadina chats with us about the making of the project, choosing her collaborators, and what’s next in her musical journey.

Hey Somadina! Congratulations on the project, how did you land on the name Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable?

When I realized my purpose and what I believe God wants to use me for; which I don’t even fully know yet but I definitely know it is heavenly and undeniable. It was when I created the final song on the project, “Dreams.” It was the moment I realized that in order to protect my peace, it was okay to let go. While I was journaling a lot of my emotions; I wrote in capitals “Heavenly Undeniable” and even though I don’t know why I did that, it just stuck and I ran with it. 

Ahead of the release, you’ve shared songs like “Rolling Loud” and “Y I Want U”—how do those records set the tone for the project and just the overall direction you’re headed in?

Both tracks are a continuity of how experimental and curious I am with my sound and they demonstrate my versatility. Overall direction is you never know what you’re going to get. I am constantly evolving, constantly changing.  I made “Rolling Loud” as a statement song. I feel like Lagos can be a lot. Everyone likes wahala. Rolling Loud is testament to doing my own thing and living life on my own terms. I really just want to keep things like that. Don’t stress me abeg haha. 

And, for Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable, it was a project which was definitely an avenue which helped me discover myself and grow. It’s funny because I initially scrapped the “Y I Want U” demo. But Odunsi had heard the hook and thought it was really powerful, so that really encouraged me to finish it. I went to the studio in Lagos with Adey, we exchanged music we were both listening to at the time, and things came together so easy. I finished the song off in London with Alex. 

Visually, the creative direction and imagery behind the EP’s cover art is eye-catching. Can you tell me about the story behind the cover?

Blue represents peace. The feel of the cover is meant to represent the intersection of the past and future, which is NOW.

Walk me through some of the standout cuts from the project, how did “Imagine Giving A Fvck” come together with Chi Virgo?

I made it in London with Genio. Chi and I are friends and share a love for punk and bands like Avril Lavigne and Blink182 so it was an organic link up that just made sense. It was nice. I visited Chi in London. I don’t think we knew we were making music for the project. For a while I don’t even think either of us even knew whose song it was. But I loved it and I’m really grateful she let me have it. 

You also work with The Cavemen on the project. How did that collaboration come about? That song has a very different sound and feel. Was that intentional? 

I made “Small Paradise” with Benjamin and Odunsi. We went to visit The Cavemen on the mainland in Lagos at The Cave. I knew we’d make something different but I’m always taken aback when I listen to the record. Odunsi is very meticulous in the way he produces, I think he carried the song which allowed Benjamin and I to take it to a new dimension. It’s simple but it’s very powerful.

Elsewhere, “WDYWFM” is another track that instantly catches my ear. What inspired that record?

I spent some time in LA last year and this song was created with Payton which was inspired by the collision of two opposite worlds and opposite sets of feelings. I’ve known L0la since primary school. She’s really inspiring and I think music brought us together in a really fun way. I love the soft texture of her voice. I wanted “WDYWFM” to feel like a car crash. So I think putting her at the end of a rock/punk song was really fresh and unexpected. Her voice sits perfectly on synths. 

What was your most gratifying feeling with this EP so far?

Discovering self peace and finding strength in my femininity 

WIth this being your debut, what are you hoping for? When people listen to this project, or even when you reflect on it years later, what impact do you want this particular release to make?

I want people to open their minds and appreciate true freedom of expression. I think the freedom to create and exist is extremely important. 

2023 is only a few weeks away and you’re set to hit the road soon. What do you look forward to most about performing these songs live?

Connecting with my fans, building community and seeing first hand the impact that my art has on the world. 

I hear you will be performing at The Great Escape next year, are you excited? Have you got any other big performances coming up that we should keep an eye out for? 

I do, but I love a good secret. Lets see how the next year goes? I’m excited.