Soleil Isabella Crow Temp Photo

Soleil Isabella Crow on Summer Skincare, Social Media, and More

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Soleil Isabella Crow Temp Photo

In a landscape often saturated with filters and façades, Soleil Isabella Crow emerges as a radiant exception. She may have honed her craft amidst the kaleidoscopic backdrops of Los Angeles, where her father’s work in film first introduced her to the transformative power of makeup and wardrobe, but Soleil’s appeal lies in something far more compelling than artifice. It’s her vulnerability, her willingness to share even the most unfiltered moments of her beauty journey, that captivates her ever-growing audience.

Soleil navigates the digital beauty space with the skill of a seasoned pro, but with the relatability of your best friend. As she’s fine-tuned her skills and broadened her platform, her definition of beauty has evolved to be less about physical attributes and more about the courage of self-expression. She’s a beauty guru, yes, but she’s also your go-to advisor for embracing imperfections, cultivating self-love, and dealing with the rollercoaster of life while looking effortlessly fabulous. The self-described transparent influencer serves beauty tips and life lessons in equal measure, making her an internet darling to more than 300,000 TikTok followers and 39,000 Instagram followers.

Despite her meteoric rise to online fame, Soleil remains focused on the human connection that grounds her. The milestones may be impressive, but the core of her persona—the insistence on bringing her full self to every aspect of her life—is what captivates her audience. That, and her unwavering belief in the power of self-care. Whether she’s diving into hot yoga or adding an extra step to her skincare routine, her definition of “me time” is as multifaceted as she is.

From hot yoga sessions to listening to her body’s needs, her version of self-care extends beyond skin-deep. As Soleil looks ahead, she’s not just setting her sights on higher follower counts or brand partnerships; she’s keen on fostering a genuine community where the real beauty lies in being unapologetically oneself.

Before we dive in, I’d love to know more about you. What’s your background, and what were your early experiences with beauty products?

I was born in San Diego and moved to Los Angeles when I was around three or four. My family moved to Los Angeles for my dad’s work. He is a cameraman and steadicam operator for the film industry. Since my dad is in the film industry, I had a lot of exposure to the entertainment industry at a young age. I was always extremely fascinated by the art and storytelling of film. I loved how makeup and wardrobe really helped develop and describe a character in a show or film.

One of my earliest memories with beauty is having my mom do my makeup for a dance recital, and I loved the mascara she used. I still remember the exact one, it was a Clinique mascara in a silver tube. Long story short, in high school, I would do everyone’s prom makeup, and I loved it! It was such a fun hobby. I went to college for nursing, and after one semester into nursing school, I decided that this was not the path for me. I dropped out and went to a cosmetology school in DTLA to pursue makeup artistry. 

What inspired you to get on social media and talk about skincare and makeup?

While I was in cosmetology school, the pandemic hit, which moved our in-person classes to Zoom calls. Here, we would listen to lectures and practice makeup on ourselves through Zoom. For homework assignments, we would have to film our work and send it to our professor. During this time, I learned about TikTok and started posting beauty videos for fun. I felt inspired to post beauty videos on social media because I felt like it was a great outlet to express myself.

I’m curious to know, with you being so open about your skincare journey and having your followers share their similar experiences — what does “beauty” mean to you now?

Honesty and transparency are traits that I truly value in myself and others. Being vulnerable about my highs and lows with my skincare journey is a great way to connect with others who may be experiencing similar things. It’s important to me to bring awareness to something that is normal, and the emotions we feel through this journey are a part of the human experience.

I would still post videos in the midst of my worst breakouts because I wanted to show my audience that even though these breakouts were occurring, I wouldn’t let it stop me from anything. Beauty is celebrated in many different ways. To me, beauty is to truly and utterly be yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who chooses to love and express themself like nobody’s watching. 

I have to ask about summer skincare. What are some of your favorite products right now?

Summer skincare is my favorite because the main focus is glow and protection. As someone with dry skin and freckles, it is important to me to stay hydrated and protected. My favorite sun protection is the Kate Somerville SPF 50 mineral sunscreen. What’s better than hydrating your skin and repairing your skin barrier? Nothing… Beekman 1802’s Ceremide Milk Drops truly hydrate and repair my skin barrier. Another hydrating product I love is Kate Somerville’s Squalene + Hyaluronic Acid Serum. 

When you look at your Gen Z peers, what do you love the most about them? Who are you loving right now?

My favorite thing I love about my Gen Z peers is sarcasm and transparency. I am currently loving influencer Monet McMichael and Kylie Jenner. I value supporting women and being surrounded by strong, independent, powerful women. Monet and Kylie embody those characteristics to me. 

Over the last few years, you’ve experienced massive success, and your fanbase has grown to over 300 thousand followers on TikTok. What has it been like dealing with your newfound fame?

It is a privilege for me to be able to use my social media in a positive way to encourage people to practice self-love and self-care. Being able to be creative and develop an audience has been a blessing. I am forever grateful for my followers loving and supporting me because, at the end of the day, they are my true inspiration to keep going and making content. 

How do you practice self-care? What does “me time” look like for Soleil?

I practice self-care in many different ways. I have found hot yoga to be a beautiful outlet for me to be able to move my body and connect with myself on a higher spiritual level. I value listening to my body and what it needs. Self-care to me means taking time to take care of myself, whether that is doing yoga, allowing myself to sleep a few more minutes, or doing an extra step in my skincare, haircare, and body routine. 

What about your haircare routine — what does wash day look like for you?

There is no better feeling than having a good hair day. The confidence that flows through me when I am having a good hair day is the best! My haircare routine and wash day consist of a few things. The perfect wash day to me means exfoliate, shampoo, conditioning mask, and leave-in conditioner.

Briogeo is a hair care brand that has completely transformed my hair and confidence. When it comes to my wash day routine, every product I use is from Briogeo. In the shower, I start with their Scalp Revival Micro Exfoliating Shampoo. This really helps get rid of any build-up, oil, and dirt out of my hair. Then I use their Don’t Despair Repair Shampoo — this is an extra step that I add to really clean my hair (I also love the smell).

Next, I use their Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask, and I leave this in my hair for a few minutes to really hydrate and condition my hair. Lastly, I use their Don’t Despair Repair Leave-In Conditioner mixed with their Farewell Frizz heat protectant. 

Finally, what are you excited to do next in your career?

I am a firm believer in taking things day by day. Life has a mind of its own and can throw anything at anyone’s way at any time. That’s why I practice being present. However, I am excited to continue to build a community with my audience and to continue to spread positivity and encouragement to practice self-love and self-care.