Sol de Janeiro After Hours Perfume Mist Main Press Photo

Sol de Janeiro Debuts Limited Edition After Hours Perfume Mist

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Sol de Janeiro After Hours Perfume Mist Main Press Photo

Brazilian beauty brand Sol de Janeiro just unveiled a tantalizing new fragrance that’s already making waves in the beauty world: After Hours Perfume Mist. This limited-edition scent adds a deeper, more alluring layer to the brand’s already-coveted fragrance collection.

The After Hours Perfume Mist builds upon the fame of the brand’s cult-loved scent, “Brazilian Bum Bum,” also known as Cheirosa ’62. This original aroma has enchanted fragrance aficionados and A-listers alike, with fans like Meghan Trainor and Barbie Ferreira of “Euphoria.”

The new mist takes a daring turn, offering a unique scent that’s both dark and seductive. It beckons the adventurous souls to those daring moonlit moments, without losing the classic sun-kissed vibe synonymous with Sol de Janeiro products.

Sol de Janeiro After Hours Perfume Mist
  • Warm floral scent
  • Unisex
  • Contains key notes of black currant and midnight jasmine
  • Not as much staying power
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The After Hours Experience

Inspired by “the rhythm of Rio ‘After Hours,’” the fragrance captures a sensuous and radiant essence. The burst of juicy blackcurrant and smooth pear nectar unveils a heart of velvety, moonlit jasmine and sweet freesia. The blend of creamy vanilla, heated amber woods, and caramelized patchouli creates a long-lasting warmth, luring the senses to its embrace.

Perfumer Gino Percontino, who created this fragrance, describes it as “a bold yet sensual fragrance that dances with you until the sun comes up.” He views it as a “smooth take” that adds an “intoxicating surprise of night-blooming jasmine” to the brand’s signature warmth.

Reviews and Comparisons

Upon testing the fragrance, its unique notes are immediately appreciable. The fiery expression of jasmine, wrapped in vanilla cream, enhances the romance. The fragrance’s power can be ignited in unexpected ways, like during a heated yoga session or an evening out, creating an enchanting experience.

Comparatively, the scent does echo popular fruitchoulis of the late ‘00s and early 2010s like Calvin Klein Euphoria and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. The blend of juicy opening and sticky sweet base makes it a pleasant addition to Sol de Janeiro’s lineup, especially for fans of lighter vanilla and beachy scents.

Limited Edition, Limitless Possibilities

The After Hours Perfume Mist is priced at $24, and being a limited edition, it’s bound to be snatched up fast. With a scent that’s bold but not overwhelming, it’s the perfect addition to an evening wardrobe, pairing effortlessly with everything from cozy fall wear to elegant cocktail attire.

Whether layering it underneath a body oil or letting it shine on its own, After Hours offers a refreshing take on evening sensuality. It’s more than just a beachy aroma; it’s an invitation to dance post-beach, a captivating blend that turns heads and lingers in memory.

In a market where Sol de Janeiro sells one mist every seven seconds, After Hours promises to be another bestseller. It’s a bridge between the sultry summer nights of August and the advent of fall, a fleeting aroma to be seized before it’s gone.