Sofi de la Torre RAYDAR

Sofi de la Torre Opens Up About Her New Song “4 Sure Sure” Featuring PHABO

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Sofi de la Torre RAYDAR

From the sun-kissed shores of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, to the buzzing hubs of London, Berlin, and Los Angeles, Sofi de la Torre has been on an odyssey. A musical chameleon adapting to her ever-changing environments, her trajectory is paved with an electric blend of rock, 70s folk-pop, country, and the traditional Mexican beats that played the soundtrack to her formative years. This intoxicating cocktail of influences has given birth to a truly unique sound, capturing the hearts and ears of audiences worldwide.

Now, as the creative maestra steps into her next chapter, Sofi has unleashed her latest creation, the rhythmic pop-fusion masterpiece, “4 Sure Sure.” The offering, graced by the equally compelling US R&B sensation PHABO, is an intricate dance of love and lust – a narrative woven with delicate harmonies and radiant textures. This mesmerizing sound tapestry offers the perfect canvas for Sofi’s enchanting vocals to take flight, while PHABO’s intimate touches intensify the enthralling melody.

“4 Sure Sure” is not your everyday love song. It’s a ballad championing the bonds of companionship, understanding, and loyalty. A celebration of the connections we all seek and the sweet symphony of what love truly sounds like. “Girl you got me moving way faster than usual and I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon, let’s get married, I do,” the lyrics echo, mirroring the heart’s unspoken vows in the throes of passion.

This captivating single marks the beginning of a highly anticipated four-part international release, adding another milestone to Sofi’s exhilarating musical journey. As the world awaits with bated breath for the rest of the releases, one thing is clear: Sofi de la Torre is an artist in full bloom, ready to conquer the global music scene one heartfelt song at a time.

Tell us about your background and what it was like growing up in Las Palmas? Is there anything nostalgic about your childhood that comes through in your music?

Growing up here has been a blessing. I have such fond memories of my childhood…having spent almost 10 years away from my hometown has been bittersweet – it’s been incredible for my career and it allowed me to do what I love most but I’ve always missed the most important part of me which is my family. Now that I’m back home I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

In your new single, “4 Sure Sure” you explore the blurred lines between love and lust. Was there anything in particular that inspired the record?

I wrote this record during lockdown when I was in the midst of getting to know my boyfriend. Weird timing to start a relationship but it worked out for us haha!

The record champions not just love, but also companionship, understanding, and loyalty. Whether it be musically or personally, what’s your definition of love and how has it changed over time?

I think you have to experience what love isn’t in order to understand what it is. It’s always gone beyond just attraction for me, but when you’re younger I feel like you’re drawn to a more visceral concept of love which usually goes hand in hand with toxicity. Like, if I’m jealous it’s because this person means the world to me and I’m so in love when really it’s like hold on, why does this person make me feel insecure? Love for me today is so much about trust and acceptance.

Your collaboration with PHABO adds a unique layer to the track. What was the process of creating music together like, and how did your creative energies mesh?

I absolutely love PHABO and what he brings to the table artistically. He has an impeccable taste for melodies and to me he’s one of the most exciting artists right now. We were introduced by Ashley at Pulse whom we both work with and we took it from there. It’s been an honor to have him on board and I hope we can get in the studio together when I’m next in LA.

This song is the first installment of your four-part international release. Can you give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from the rest of the series?

This release means a lot to me because I feel it’s super representative of my identity as an artist. I’ve traveled everywhere and worked with people from all around the world but these particular countries have marked my career in one way or another and I felt like doing a little homage. They’re all artists I’m a huge fan of and I’m so humbled they’ve jumped on and have been such a joy to work with.

I’ve seen from your socials that you’re also massively into sportswear and cozy garments, where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to fashion?

Honestly, I don’t go anywhere I can’t wear comfy clothes to. If it’s a club and I can’t wear sneakers, nope. Same goes for any social event. All of my high heels I either gave away or have in boxes. Clothes are such an extension of one’s personality I find it insane that dress codes are even a thing.

So yeah, I’m heavily into sports – always have been – I played football (soccer) ever since I was a little girl and track has always been my thing. I work out practically every day. I’m sure that influences my aesthetic a lot.

Music-aside, how would you describe the headspace you’re in right now?

I’ve been diving into production a lot more. I just sit at home and try to learn as much as possible so I can be a bit more independent when it comes to certain type of songs. My producer Jonas helps me a bunch and is always there if I want to ask about anything. I’m writing in English a lot and in Spanish too and I’m having a lot of fun combining the two and it’s like a little challenge for me to make it sound as fresh and as different as I possibly can.