Skiifall Returns With Culture Clashing Rap Swing Of “Bentayga Dust”

With his debut single “Ting Tun Up” and its Knucks-featuring second part, Montreal-based, St. Vincent-born artist Skiifall firmly marked his place on the global music stage with a unique blend of disorientating, hard-hitting instrumentalism and street-smart flows that switch between English and patois with ease. Today, he expands on that formula with “Bentayga Dust,” a brand new track that puts the potency in the artist’s singular style on full display.

As a track, “Bentayga Dust” deals in the duality between peace and discord. Opening with choral harmonies that could be interpreted as calm or ominous, Skiifall rides this line with his own delivery. Melodic inflow, but confrontational and confident in subject matter, he unleashes his most infectious hook to date over the top of a diamond-edged percussive line and a haunting synth pattern. Watch the visual below.

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