UK-Nigerian Musician SixSaidIt Shares Her New Project ‘Outside II’

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This past weekend saw the release of Outside II, the latest album from UK-Nigerian rapper SixSaidIt.

The 13-song LP is the sequel to the rapper’s first EP, Outside, and incorporates some of his previously released songs, such as “Little Bit,” “Lagos is Burning (Mirror Mirror),” and the Afropop-infused “Choosey,” all of which were well-received by listeners. The video for “Choosey” that accompanies the album is a modern spin on the blind dating game and sketch comedy programs popularized by American television series like The Dating Game and In Living Color, and it puts Six’s energetic personality center stage.

“While ‘Outside’ was an introduction to Six as an artist that likes to explore, ‘Outside II’ solidifies my stance as a genre flexible rapper that is unafraid to push the boundaries of hip-hop,” she shares.

She has been dedicated to demonstrating this variety ever since she first began her music career in December 2019. With his unique take on hip-hop, Six has been able to attract a wide range of fans by first enticing them in with sounds that are instantly recognizable and then holding their attention with the discovery of new, previously unexplored genres.

Listen to the project below.