Published: January 5, 2022

Last Updated: November 28, 2023

SEEN: Grandeur Haircare Designed By A Dermatologist

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Fun hair fact: shampoo and conditioner residue stays on skin hours after use, often rinsing down on the face and back which causes acne and breakouts. Although SEEN, a luxury haircare line, has created a collection of phenomenal products that don’t just create gorgeous hair but make you feel good about not destroying your skin in the process.

SEEN was founded by dermatologist and Harvard graduate Dr. Iris Rubin, who spent a whopping four years perfecting their first three products upon launch. Eager to balance both great haircare and skin science without compromising one or the other, the rapidly rising label empowers people through the everyday routine of self-care. Speaking on the brand, she shares, “we created a line that’s truly good for skin while bringing the real everyday joys of gorgeous hair, luxury beauty, and better confidence.”

We had the pleasure of trying out some of SEEN’s products to see if they live up to the hype. Check out our review below!

SEEN Shampoo & Deeper Conditioner

SEEN’s Skin-Caring Shampoo is here to fill a much-needed space in hair care, placing skin science at the forefront while maintaining the beloved aspects of luxury care products. To pair with it, their Deeper Conditioner is an intense hydrator that for anyone with thick or dry hair, promotes and nourishes the scalp. Unlike many other conditioners, the product is light in scent and replaces silicone with bisabolol and Hemi-squalane, a biodegradable oil extract that reduces frizz and keeps hair smooth.

While both the Shampoo and Deeper Conditioner are a bit more pricey than your typical cleaning agents, they are undoubtedly worth it for those looking to use products that don’t clog your pores or irritate your skin. Thanks to science, we know that anything you put in your hair has the possibility of not only getting on your skin but penetrating the dermis which causes acne and strips it of natural oils. Luckily, SEEN serves as a solution as all of their products are formulated free of sulfates, silicones, dyes, and much more. Overall, the Shampoo and Deeper Conditioner prove to be effective and simply a game-changer for happy and healthy curls—purchase them here.

SEEN Curly Creme

SEEN’s Curley Creme is exactly what you need to give your curls a makeover. Giving your hair that extra shine and heat protection that it yearns for, it’s as easy as applying a small amount to damp hair and watching the magic begin. The cream does an astonishing job at hydrating and holding your curls together without feeling too heavy which is common amongst several other creams. For me, using the Curley Creme was a joy as it kept the frizz to a minimum and absorbs into your hair almost immediately, leaving it shiny and defined. It’s great for retaining moisture and serves as a great product to use following their Shampoo and Deep Conditioner—purchase it here.

SEEN Magic Serum

One of the latest products in SEEN’s extraordinary lineup, the Magic Serum seals the deal—quite literally. The serum shockingly consists of three ingredients: Hemisqualane, Ethylhexyl Olivate, and Squalane. Combined, the extracts come together to create a few droplet cocktail that protects hair from breakage and leaves it smooth and shinier almost instantly. Alluring package and container aside, the Magic Serum is the perfect fragrance-free finisher that certainly lives up to its name—purchase it here.