Saleka Unveils “Mr. Incredible” Song And Video

Today, Philadelphia singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Saleka returns with a dark love story called “Mr. Incredible,” the sultry and soulful follow-up to her critically adored debut single, “Clarity.”

Speaking on the record, she shared, “‘Mr. Incredible’ is a song about relationships and mental health. It is told through the voice of a woman trying desperately to communicate with a partner who is constantly falling into depression, and seems to always be slipping away from her. Loving him is like chasing a ghost, and in trying to reach him and keep him close she instead ends up fragmenting her own self.”

Saleka began writing the song last year with the visuals already in mind, knowing early in the creative process that she wanted to represent stalled communication with a crumbling house, a once-flourishing home that now appears neglected and abandoned.

“Mr. Incredible” is also Saleka’s second video directed by her sister and choreographed by her friend and collaborator, Saleena Khamamkar, who worked with the singer on realizing the ideas this lyrically driven song vividly expresses through motion and dance. Watch below.

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