Sainvil And Melii Join Forces For “HBK”

Situationships are fun until they’re not! Someone always ends up getting heartbroken, catching more feelings than intended. Unclear intentions have Sainvil in search of some clarity from a defensive lover in the new single “HBK.”

The moody track, “HBK” features Harlem native Melii and is co-produced by Mike Hector, Morgan O’Connor, and Nick Bane. “HBK” is the third single from Sainvil’s forthcoming EP, 2020 Was Hijacked, dropping this Wednesday, Oct. 28th via Alamo Records.

2020 Was Hijacked compiles all the complex emotions the tumultuous year has brought due to the global pandemic, racism, police brutality, and the upcoming election turning them into digestible, heartfelt songs. The EP also includes the sultry, trap-infused R&B track, “Sweet” as well as the Black Lives Matter-inspired single, “Boxed In” featuring critically-acclaimed Compton rapper, Boogie. Check out “HBK” below.

In other music news, Melii dropped her latest single and video “Way Too Soft” earlier this month.

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