ROSIE Opens Up About “Someone You Once Had,” Style, and Touring

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter ROSIE continues to captivate audiences with her latest single, “Someone You Once Had.” Showcasing her expansive vocal range and heartfelt lyricism, the musician’s new track tells a story of self-discovery and healing in the face of heartbreak and loss.

Describing the creative process behind “Someone You Once Had,” ROSIE explains that it was both “painful and cathartic at the same time.” The song represents a turning point for the artist as she learns to find self-worth within herself and embrace newfound confidence. This introspective theme sets the stage for her’s highly anticipated sophomore project, which promises to delve deeper into her emotional journey of healing and self-acceptance.

As ROSIE’s career unfolds, listeners can expect to witness her evolution as a vocalist, songwriter, and storyteller. She previously graced us with “Startover” earlier this year, another record slated to appear on the project. It ventures into a more uptempo, uplifting direction emotive vocals spilling into the song’s heartfelt chorus.

Beyond her own music, ROSIE has been busy lending her talents to other artists. She recently co-wrote the title track for Celine Dion’s “Love Again,” featured on the movie soundtrack of the same name. With the star on the rise, she’s set to embark on a North American summer headline tour, kicking off on June 1st in Boston, MA, with stops in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Salt Lake City, and concluding on June 21st in New York, NY.

Undoubtedly, ROSIE continues to make her mark in the music world, with fans and critics alike eagerly awaiting her next move and the heartfelt stories it will undoubtedly bring to life.

Your new single, “Someone You Once Had,” is about finding self-love amidst heartbreak and loss. What was the inspiration behind this track, and how did the writing process help you heal?

This was a very emotionally draining song to create because I wrote it the day after a breakup. When I entered the session that day all I wanted to write about was feeling sorry for myself, but with the help of my amazing co-writers, “Afterhrs”, we were able to channel that pain into a “your loss” song. 

It’s part of your sophomore EP, 5 Songs for Healing. Can you give us a glimpse of the themes and emotions that listeners can expect from the project?

This project is about all of the complex emotions that come with healing, and each song explores these feelings from a different perspective. If you listen to the EP from start to finish you’ll literally be able to hear me gaining confidence and finding my sense of self, which I think is pretty awesome!! 

As an artist who embraces authenticity and vulnerability, I’m curious to know how do you navigate the pressures and expectations of the music industry while staying true to yourself?

 I firmly believe the music industry is so cutthroat and competitive because it teaches us all how to have grit, which in my opinion is the key to success. My tool for navigating it is having a great support system, whether that is my team, my therapist, my friends, or my family. As someone who embraces vulnerability, I always talk about how important it is to reach out for help when you feel like you need it, so I try to take my own advice as often as possible! 

I also read that your brother Matteo serves as your manager. How has working with a family member shaped not your journey as an artist, but your sibling bond? 

Matteo is not only an amazing manager but also an incredible songwriter, keys player, and creative collaborator! We always say that the job of a manager is actually quite similar to that of a big brother. His job is to protect me, support me, and be my biggest cheerleader, and truthfully he’s been all those things for as long as I can remember. The relationship we have as artists and managers has only brought us closer together as siblings, and I seriously wouldn’t be where I am (or who I am) today, without him. 

Music and fashion often go hand-in-hand, with artists frequently using their wardrobe to express their identity and creativity. How would you describe your personal style, and how does it reflect your music?

I love this question because I feel like I really only began my fashion journey this past year. I’ve discovered that so much of mental health is navigating the many contrasting emotions that come with it; the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and I think my style reflects that. I love pairing black with white, light with dark, casualwear with formalwear and of course, always got to add a little bit of red in there because as they say, “roses are red”!

I also believe that the clothes I wear should be as ethically and sustainably sourced as possible, and generally accessible, so I try to only shop in second-hand stores and sites, such as Depop, Postmark, and the Real Real!

6) When it comes to expressing yourself through fashion, what are your go-to pieces or accessories that help you feel confident and connected to your music?

I have these red super high-heel boots that are a huge theme throughout this next body of work! In my own personal journey, they represent inner growth and confidence and I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to wear them on stage! Also, I’m a huge jewelry girl, especially symbolic jewelry, like the necklace from my mom or the bracelets my fans make me. I’m a very spiritual and superstitious person and I wouldn’t be “ROSIE” if I didn’t have all these meaningful pieces with me. 

Also, you’re about to embark on your first headlining tour, “The Healing Tour”! What are you looking forward to the most and how does it finally feel to meet some of your longtime fans?

My two favorite parts of being an artist are touring and getting to meet all the wonderful people that help me create such a supportive and kind community, so you can imagine how psyched I am for this tour!!! If you know me you know how important my fans are to me, and I will do my very best to express that as I embark on this insane journey this summer!!

From opening for the likes of Chelsea Cutler and Jake Scott, live performances and hitting the road are certainly not a new experience. What does your show prep typically look like?

As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, performing is the most stressful part of my job, but it’s also the most rewarding. I’m actually so grateful for my nerves because it’s my body’s way of saying, “Hey Rosie, you feel this way because of how deeply you love music and how much you care about what you do”! That being said, I have about an hour routine that I practice every night before I go on stage. This ritual includes: getting dressed, drink caffeine, meditate, vocal steam, rose water spritz on the face with the band affirmations, band handshake, and then it’s time to walk on stage!