Published: February 28, 2022

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Singer-Songwriter Shenie Fogo Is Doing It Her Way

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Sweden-based singer-songwriter Shenie Fogo has been praised for her silky delivery and ability to harmonize with seamless instrumentals.

In 2019, she formally introduced herself to the world with the release of her first string of singles “4 Am” and “Mood.” Shortly after, Fogo followed suit with her ’90s-inspired EP titled Self, a richly-woven collection that establishes one of the most radiant voices coming out of Stockholm. The British-Jamaican singer provides a quick, satisfying glimmer of herself through airy yet irresistible R&B ballads. Some of her most popular songs include 2020’s “Midnight,” which later got a rendition featuring the multifaceted MadeinTYO, and 2021’s “Explain.”

Shenie Fogo’s debut album, Meet Me In My Dreams, is concise at just nine songs—it’s a refreshing counter given some of the more bloated album releases this past year. Entirely produced by Swedish beatmaker iSHi, each track is instrumental-heavy, with most of them consisting of gothic synths and rogue leaden bass. Throughout the project, Shenie sings in a colloquial style that hovers somewhere in between plain speech and melody which combined with themes of love and self-understanding, make the full-length mesmerizing. Songs such as “To The Sky” and “Fading” serve as two songs that really glue the project together.

For her first full-length release, Shenie achieves a layered examination of love, realization, and freedom through spare storytelling and sentimental parables. It works better than anyone could have expected, and in the process, leaves us yearning for more from the songstress. Stream Shenie Fogo’s discography below.

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