Rheanna Wells Temp Photo

Published: October 20, 2023

Rheanna Wells Chats With Us About Fashion Finds, Gen Z, and More

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Rheanna Wells Temp Photo

Rheanna Wells isn’t your typical fashion influencer. Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, she’s carving out a unique space across social media, tackling issues of diversity and inclusivity while also paying homage to her Filipino heritage. Far from just another Instagram star, Rheanna brings a sense of purpose to her platform that resonates deeply with her audience.

Originally headed for a career in clinical psychology, a chance meeting with a talent scout redirected her path into fashion and digital content creation. Partnering with her agency, Everi, she transitioned seamlessly from university classrooms to photoshoot sets, making a name for herself in both fashion and social advocacy. Today, she’s more than just a pretty face on your feed; she’s a spokesperson for authenticity and well-being, making her one of the most refreshing voices in today’s fashion

As summer heats up, so does Rheanna’s taste in fashion. She’s all about the details, be it chunky gold earrings or the increasingly popular belly chains. But beyond her clothing and accessory choices, the model brings a fresh approach to beauty. Her must-have makeup essentials are a blend of products that provide a natural glam look, with a particular emphasis on highlighting her cheeks and nose to celebrate her Asian heritage.

Ahead, Rheanna Wells spoke to us about foraying into social media, navigating the fashion industry as a model, and her holistic approach to beauty. Keep scrolling to read our conversation.

What made you want to take social media seriously and share your favorite outfits and fashion finds?

I believe that being able to share my favorite outfits and finds with the public is also being able to share part of my personality, being able to express myself, and my charisma. I became associated with social media through my agency Everi. Beforehand, I was studying at university to pursue a job in clinical psychology, wanting to work in the psychiatric field. However, by the time I hit my second or third year of university, I got scouted by my agency, firstly working with photoshoots, then branching off to social media unexpectedly, and then just flowed then onwards.

My social media isn’t just focused on fashion; I always love to show my fun side on my stories, but whilst also keeping my personal life hidden to some extent. For me, I also love talking about self-affirmations, self-care, sharing things or activities that make me feel content, self-love, self-care, and self-wholeness, I suppose you could say.

Essentially, I believe that being genuine with and sharing things that I’m passionate about, that I enjoy and love — it will reach out to followers that resonate with me.

Your style journey has been amazing to watch this past year or so. How would you say your wardrobe has evolved over time?

With the help of social media, I’ve found a lot of outfit inspo through TikTok and Instagram. I’m drawn to a mix of the contemporary, timeless, and street. When I’m drawn to a certain look, I like to follow the inspiration whilst also adding my own flavor and kick to the fit. It also depends on my mood or how I’m feeling at that moment.

Sometimes I think to myself, I want to bring out baddie energy in me, so I’ll mix up my fit, wear a cute top that’s showing a bit of skin, or change something to align with my mood. There are times when I want to look classy and elegant but make it a sexy-type vibe.

Things like wearing a long skirt, long body-tight dress, tailored pants, but then the upper half of my body will be showing a little bit more skin. Or if I’m wearing a long-sleeved top, I’ll chuck on a skirt with a slight or a mini skirt. I am such a timeless, elevated, staple kind of girl. Keep it kind of conservative, but make it hot.

Obviously, summer fashion is in right now — What pieces are you obsessed with right now?

Pieces I’m obsessed with right now are jewelry, I believe that accessories really elevate your outfit or look. I want to be able to walk outside and be an eye-catcher. I know it’s summer fashion; however, I’m such a pant girl. I love a good baggy low-waisted or mid-waisted pair of jeans with a cute tight crop or mid-drift top. Belly chains are like my icing on the cake!

Brand-wise, what are some of your favorites at the moment?

Some fashion brands I love are Natalie Rolt, With Jean, SKIMS, and South Street. Festival season is on right now, and currently, I’m loving IAMGIA. Some brands for sneakers and shoes: Style Runner, JD Sports, Footlocker, and Subtype.

Some of my favorite beauty brands are REFY; their products give such a natural glowy look. MAC’s face and body foundation – I like to avoid any heavy foundation just because it makes my skin feel restricted. This foundation is so light on the face it looks so natural I love it.

Charlotte Tilbury: I love her bronzers. They give such a natural touch to it. I love Fenty Beauty. I’m such a Fenty girl, mainly their beauty range, especially their cream products.

When it comes to other Gen Z creators, what excites you most about this generation?

What inspires me most about this generation is the spread of body positivity, diversity/inclusivity, the representation of different cultures and education that is now being portrayed on social media. Whether it be through people’s vlogging traveling experiences, fashion – in the way people dress, the production of music. This is what I am most intrigued to see as well as tune into.

Growing up I fell a victim of society’s beauty standards and believed I wasn’t good enough. I was a very insecure little girl. I never saw my body type in any advertisements, I had the desire to lose weight and be much smaller because those were the ‘ideal body types’ back in the day. Being able to see different shapes and sizes pushed and represented makes me feel appreciated, seen, and valued. So, I love seeing accounts that push for this.

When you’re not inspiring the world, what influencers inspire you?

Now, being surrounded by a generation who is heavily involved with social media, it’s so refreshing to see more inclusivity and diversity, differently abled, different ethnicities, cultures, sizes, and shapes being proudly represented online. With saying that, I also believe it can be challenging too – being able to find yourself and figure out who you want to be.

This is where I’m strongly passionate about influencers who are so well-spoken on the topic of self-love, self-development, and self-wholeness. Being able to tap into that side of yourself and having that self-awareness of yourself, your boundaries, what is and what isn’t for you. As I mentioned above, social media for me isn’t just fashion. It is also the expression of self, being able to resonate with a crowd who also has the same values, morals, desires, and interests as you.

Some influencers and accounts that inspire me are Nikki Mann, Ariella Nyssa, Sydney Bell, Naomi Cambell, Bretman Rock, Georgie Stevenson, Rihanna, and The Mantra Co.

Everyone knows accessories are the icing on the cake. What’s your approach to picking the perfect add-ons?

My essentials for every outfit are big gold chunky earrings, gold rings, and gold bracelets. These are my go-to. Every outfit I wear, especially when I’m going out to an event or occasion, these are always my essentials.

Sunglasses are another one. These are such a step up to a look. Especially if they’re different looking to anything trending or if they really stand out. Also, The type of kicks or heels you wear on your feet.

Let’s switch gears and talk about beauty — do you have a makeup routine or look that you swear by?

Always moisturize, prime, and sunscreen your face first before applying makeup!!! I love a good natural glam, nothing too big. When I do my face, I like to apply cream products before applying powdered products to set my make-up on for longer!!

Lips, eyes, or cheeks? What’s your favorite feature to highlight when doing your makeup?

My absolute favorite feature to highlight out of all is my cheeks. I love my blush. I think it really shapes the face well. I believe sometimes when people do make-up on my face sometimes, they forget that different faces need different features highlighted better or in certain areas. Mine is my cheeks. I come from an Asian heritage, and therefore, some forgot to do an Asian-like look on me.

Concealer under the eyes is a must for me, just how I think it is a must for the majority of the individuals who love to wear make-up. For lips, I like to accentuate this feature! I am obsessed with liner, whether it be a natural color or a darker brown for when I go out! And then applying a shiny lip gloss on top to draw attention to my lips!

Another feature I like to highlight is my nose. I subtle nose contour is cute just to show more shape!

Finally, are there any dream collabs or runway shows you’re hoping to book in the near future?

I would love to book more makeup brands, such as Mecca, Sephora, YSL, and Dior Beauty, or more streetwear brands such as JD Sport, to work on a shoot with Footlocker. I do a lot of boutique brands which I love! But I would also love to branch out and do more.

The reality is there are so many I would love to work with, so it would be hard to jot them down. This one’s a long shot, but I always think about one in particular, though. Somewhere in my future, maybe not the near, but who knows eventually?! Savage Fenty. I would love to slay on Rihanna’s runway or shoot her range. She’s an absolute icon, so hot!