Reyanna Maria

Reyanna Maria Elists Tyga For “So Pretty” Remix

Today, 19-year-old Melbourne-based Filipino singer-songwriter​ Reyanna Maria​ shares the remix of her breakout hit “​So Pretty​” featuring Tyga. Initially, the track caught major traction on TikTok after she sang on a duet challenge. Much to her surprise, the video exploded with over 20 million views and1 million-plus TikTok videos.

With bouncy bass-boosted beat, the track balances her provocative verses with an instantly chantable hook. Meanwhile, the energy heightens as ​Tyga​ rolls through with an unshakable cameo of his own.

Furthermore, the “So Pretty” challenge has already garnered attention from the likes of Vanessa Bryant, Alicia Keys, Chrissy Teigen to name a few. Once again, TikTok proves to be the formula for a hit single and Reyanna Maria is quickly climbing the charts. Stream her new single below and stay tuned for her follow-up.

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