Rashon Kamari

Rashon Kamari Debuts With ‘Hertz, Vol. 1’

Today, rising New York R&B singer Rashon Kamari has finally released his debut EP, Hertz, Vol. 1. The six-track project is primarily handled by Rashon, aside from a guest verse from his cousin, CDGWES. The EP finally arrives after a slew of singles over the past few years, and Kamari is ready to make a name for himself in the industry.

On the EP, Rashon speaks on the happiness, euphoria, hardships, and trials of his love life, but he brings a unique flair to the New York R&B scene with West Coast-inspired production, soft vocals, and an undeniable flow. This is best portrayed on the energetic “P.G.A Interlude,” on which Kamari shouts out the “bad bitches” and sing-raps about some of his various flings. That barely scratches the surface, though, as he provides even more attention-grabbing records throughout.

Although the EP only runs about thirteen minutes, it’s a great introduction to who Rashon Kamari is as a person and artist. Check out the project below.

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