Yoo Jee Kim Photography

Photographer Yoo Jee Kim Walks Us Through Her Dreamy Aesthetics

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Yoo Jee Kim Photography

Yoo Jee Kim‘s ethereal approach to photography elevates her work, lending it a unique aura of grace. The LA-based photographer effortlessly blurs the line between dreams and reality. Much like the soft touch she brings to every frame, her dedication to her craft is gentle yet unwavering, constantly seeking new avenues of creativity. Whether it’s shooting fashion editorials or intimate portraits, Yoo Jee’s images are a testament to the depth of her talent and her keen eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

From a child artist in Korea to one of LA’s burgeoning photographers, her journey is colored with instances of raw courage and unfiltered creativity. Yoo-Jee tells us, “With photography, I can capture the art that’s already in front of me, and that’s inspired me to create more and create whatever I like. I have the confidence to bring my vision to life without the fear of creating ‘bad’ art holding me back.”

However, it’s not just her individual growth that she focuses on. Yoo Jee’s work, predominantly featuring women of color, has a unique purpose. “Pop culture as we know it today would be nothing without the influence of Black, Latinx, and Asian cultures, and I want my work to reflect that through a diverse portfolio of models,” she expresses.

What strikes you most about Yoo Jee is not just the visual stories she tells but the authentic, immersive experiences she creates for viewers. It’s clear she is driven by more than ambition. Her vision for the future isn’t marked by personal success alone but is coupled with a desire for collective growth. As she puts it, “It takes many hands and collaboration to make great art.”

And if you’re intrigued, you’re in luck. Yoo Jee Kim takes us further into her world, her inspirations, and her aspirations in our exclusive conversation below.

Maya DMd me on Instagram, eager to shoot, and we immediately clicked on capturing the “femme fatale” aesthetic. I dug up a Pinterest board I had created a while ago, and she wholeheartedly embraced the concept and ran with it. She went thrifting to find the perfect outfit for the shoot, and as for the set, I chose a vintage, dreamy bedroom set from Groovypads. They had fake guns, cigarettes, and vintage magazines as props and it worked perfectly for the look we were going for. 

I took these at Claire Bishara’s photo crawl! She had an amazing team of models, MUAs, hairstylists, and even a car guy to put together three different sets that gave us the ultimate editorial experience. I had been wanting to shoot with a vintage car for the longest so I was most excited to work with this set. Claire absolutely nails the Americana aesthetic every single time and I love the vibrant pop of red against the white wall and the blue sky. 

I shot these photos of Mikayla at the Dahl House. Initially, Mikayla wanted to portray this idea of a bored housewife turned psycho, inspired by the movie ‘Gone Girl’. To match the look of a housewife, she wore a vintage, pink, silk robe. But the story changed as we started shooting in the hyper-femme, pink bedroom set. At the time, she had gone through a break-up and we both agreed on the runny mascara look. It all came together to capture the raw emotions of heartbreak.

Kayla is actually my coworker at Crossroads Trading! I knew I wanted to shoot with the giant TV wall at The Barracks with an all black outfit and slicked back hair. When I saw Kayla at work with perfectly gelled slick back hair, I knew she would be the perfect model for the shoot. The plastic wrap and the red LED lighting were last minute add-ons to make the set more interesting.