Tre Crews Temp Photo

Photographer Tre Crews: “I Want To Be In Control Of What My Personal Direction Has To Say”

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Tre Crews Temp Photo

Tre Crews‘ mesmerizing photography transports viewers into otherworldly landscapes of imagination. Bridging the gap between the palpable and the abstract, the Brooklyn-based visionary uses his inspiration and curiosity in industrial design, fabrication, and textiles to construct uniquely dreamlike imagery. Featured in leading publications and brand campaigns, his work serves as a testament to his remarkable talent and unique aesthetic.

Crews’ journey into the photography industry is as riveting as his artistic creations. A former biochemistry student, Tre left his scientific pursuits behind to dive headfirst into the world of photography after relocating to New York in 2019. “I was always drawn to the arts. My father used to blast 80s rock in the house, and many other genres, and I think that’s what inspired me to get into 2D work first as a sketch artist,” he reveals. An initial interest in capturing memories with friends evolved into a dedicated exploration of the image-making process, resulting in his notable approach to artistry.

With an aesthetic living “in between the waking world and the world of the mind,” Crews creates cinematic, dreamlike visuals that evoke a sense of deep contemplation. “I wanted to dive deeper into my own mind and allow that to shape my toning, lighting, and angles I shoot in. I don’t think there’s anything specific I ‘aim’ for. It’s more of what is my mind trying to convey in an outward display in the physical world,” he explains.

Crews’ body of work has undergone a remarkable evolution, reflecting his adaptability and willingness to experiment. The transition from his sunny beach town roots to the city lights of New York spurred an exploration of his craft. “It was a huge adjustment for me when I moved to NY because I knew absolutely nothing about studio lighting, backdrops, etc. But I didn’t let it stop me from exploring my artistry,” he shares.

When asked about the future, Crews has high hopes and dreams of diversifying his work and exploring new territories. “I see myself taking on more director-type roles. Whether it’s creative direction for brands or directing campaign films, or personal shorts, I want to be in control of what my personal direction has to say in the environment of another brand identity. I’m going to live in Japan part-time to focus heavily on my design work and create more personal work there as well,” he states.

As Tre Crews continues to transcend the boundaries of the conventional with his work, we are left eagerly anticipating his future projects. Be sure to look further into his thoughts, inspirations, and aspirations in our in-depth interview below.

1. Fall into Rebirth

This body of work is what I give the most credit to how I shoot now and approach my work. I did this project with Elena Velez who is an incredible fashion designer and force in the industry. I told her I wanted to build a human-size light box for a shoot and she supported me all the way to make it happen. The posing references came from the brand’s fashion director Joe Van. O when he showed us these amazing fossilized bones.

The goal was to not only showcase Elena’s designs but also highlight the boots she collaborated on making with Morph Design. The box was built with wood, LED tube lights, and acrylic sheets, and I reflected all of this on a mirror to make it seem like the model (Nym) was falling or floating in this dreamlike world. This project will forever be cherished, and every time I visit it, I find new details that make me even more obsessed with it. 

2. Scanning! 

This is from Jane Wade’s Office Magazine feature. I would say these shots from this set really speaks to the on-set experimentation that happens in real time because we had a flatbed scanner in the studio and just scanned these incredible headshots of the models. What I love about them the most is that most viewers can’t even tell it’s a scan. Whenever I tell people that, they’re immediately shocked, and I love it every time. 

3: Jane Wade FW23 

Jane gave me the green light to direct and shoot her FW23 campaign back in February, and I would say this shoot really affirmed that I have what it takes to handle more director-type roles for my clients. Her brand ethos is a mix of corporate and utility wear, and I wanted to create a world where it looks like an infinite office space with the LED ceiling and the mirror wall in the background. The industrial touch comes in with the LED tubes placed in the set it giving a raw set build for the utility/industrial touch. 


This project was a testament to building a large scale set. My friend Enya and I wanted to create this world of plastic in the styling from vintage clothing to speak the to the overconsumption in textiles and clothing. We took two huge polyethylene sheets and inflated them in a studio to give it this cloud like effect. We even shot inside of it too. Almost like a bubble.