Luke Stage Visual Aholic Photography

Published: September 27, 2023

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Photographer Luke Stage Takes Us Behind The Lens

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Luke Stage Visual Aholic Photography

At 19, Luke Stage is boldly stepping into fashion photography, turning heads with every click of his camera. The young artist started out modeling but quickly realized that being behind the camera was his true passion. It wasn’t long before he went all in, transforming playful photoshoots with friends into a burgeoning career rich with color, unique textures, and a playful yet editorial approach.

“It all just clicked,” Luke recalls of the time he first used an iPhone camera. This natural affinity for photography blossomed through spontaneous sessions with friends, evolving steadily into a distinctive style that marries the playful with the nostalgic. The Indiana-based creative is coloring his canvases with complementary hues and thrift-inspired fashion, lending depth and a fresh perspective to every frame.

In discussing his approach to choosing models, Luke notes a deep appreciation for the authentic and distinctive. “I am always looking for unique, one-of-a-kind features that would really make that select individual stand out from the rest of the crowd.” This philosophy breathes life into his photos, allowing every subject to shine in their own right. The photographer adds, “I believe that everyone has something brilliant and special about them. I pride myself on bringing those unique features out of every single person I work alongside.”

The Nikon Z6, paired with a 16-35mm lens, is Luke’s go-to tool. It serves as a testament to the photographer’s loyalty to the brand that fostered his initial steps into photography. Beyond the tech, his vision truly stands out. “I hope to foster a sense of unity within the creative community, where we can all inspire and learn from one another. I strive that a wide range of creative individuals will be able to feel something from my art and continue to create from it,” he explains, underlining a mission that goes beyond just creating Instagram-worthy images.

Below, Luke Stage introduced us to several of his favorite photoshoots over the past few years. From editorial shoots to retro scenery, keep scrolling to see what the creative has been working on.


I had this concept to shoot two twins in a very magazine-like editorial manner. It’s funny because I couldn’t find any twins, but did find two really similar-looking girls for this look. They literally rocked this set for having just met one another, and Dominique—the florist—really brought my vision to life with her impeccable floral work. And we are going to print with this editorial! You can find it in Local Wolves‘ upcoming issue. 


I have never had the chance to really explain these images or give them a proper representation, but I absolutely love the location and mood of them. I really feel like I got to channel my inner “Petra Collins,” and that in itself explains the whole vibe. This shoot was for a stylist’s portfolio and all collaboration. We rented a retro house from Zillow for the day and just shot in several different rooms with several different looks. It was a lot of fun. I always have the best time shooting in spots like this. 


I titled this set “Retro Fantasy,” and rightfully so. Everything from the wardrobe to the location was executed exactly as imagined. I also am so happy with the team I got to collaborate with on this set. I really think it is the epitome of an old Hollywood film, and that’s why I love it so much. 


Don’t even get me started on this whole shoot. This is one of those looks that I will never get over. Once again, my retro fantasy was brought to life but in such a different manner. We went with this 20’s doll pin-up look but set in a legit ’80s bowling alley in Fountain Square, Indianapolis. There is something about mixing the aesthetics of different eras that brings me so much joy. The weirder, the better. Josephine is one of a kind. You can find this in editorial print very soon with ‘Mob Journal’, please check it out! 


Now, I had to give you all a little taste of some fun, spunky studio work. There’s nothing I enjoy more than shooting a sexy swim look. I wanted to go for this earthy-toned brown color palette. It’s kind of giving old Playboy Money, especially with the Gucci suit. Emilka is truly beautiful, but I think what’s even more impressive is how her unique and confident attitude shows through these images. I think Gucci should approve these for their next ad, but maybe I’m biased. 


If I could explain these images in one phrase, it would definitely be “Y2K Summer.” The team really outdid themselves here, and it shows. We simply shot around a suburban neighborhood in Indianapolis on one of the hottest days of the year, I swear, and I think it just organically came together to tell that nostalgic, hot summer Disney Channel story that we have all felt experienced as young kids. Of course, we had to throw in that skater-girl edge and a splash of swag to pull it all together.