Jasmine Baeza Photography

Published: October 18, 2023

Jasmine Baeza Walks Us Through Her 6 Favorite Photos

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Jasmine Baeza Photography

Jasmine Baeza is no ordinary photographer. Her work exudes an intimate beauty that defies the clichés of fashion and portrait photography. “I see my work as intimate, somehow soft, strong, and fun at the same time,” she explains.

Baeza’s love for photography started in childhood, picking up her mom’s disposable cameras to snap candid moments. “I took a photography class as an ‘easy elective,’ so I could get my AA. My teacher was continually impressed by my natural eye, so much so that it encouraged me to pivot,” she recalls. That experience led her to ditch her original career path and move to LA, immersing herself in the industry.

What separates Baeza from the flock isn’t just her eye for aesthetics, but her deeply rooted approach to authenticity. “I use my vulnerability as a tool so that my subjects feel comfortable enough to express all their emotions in front of the camera,” she says. By wearing her heart on her sleeve, the photographer creates an intimate space where her subjects can reveal their true emotions.

Beyond capturing beauty, Baeza wants to empower others through her work. “I love being of service to people who have a vision for themselves,” she shares. Whether she’s collaborating with models or brands, her ultimate goal is to boost confidence in others, helping them take the next steps toward realizing their dreams.

With her commitment to becoming an established name in the industry, Jasmine Baeza is a creative to watch in the photography industry. Scroll down to see some of her favorite photos to date and get to know the artist behind the lens.


My friend Dime asked me to shoot her designs for her brand The Noir Collection. It was about a 10-person crew in the Topanga Canyons on an overcast day. I have so many shots from this photoshoot that I love and that withstand time. In regards to light it was just me, the camera, and clouds working, one of my favorite set-ups. This shot stood out to me the most because I love to play with negative space and making the subject a strong focal point, which was easy with Dimes designs in nature.


I had just started working with an agent that was sending me models to test with for our portfolios. I felt like the pressure was on to impress the agency and the day of our photoshoot the makeup artist wasn’t able to make it. I improvised and used my own makeup, which didn’t turn out too bad and didn’t need much retouching. Sheila wasn’t fazed and let me do my thing, it was a great time. Some of the best shoots happen even when things don’t go as planned.


These are my favorite because I’m solely documenting people. Celeste was one of the first to let me test out this type of session; her face is so beautiful and strong, a forever favorite. Known as a digital headshot, digitals are “mugshot” like images that are unedited and used to submit to castings and agencies for jobs or representation.

They require specific angles and mannequin-like poses. Digitals weren’t published by models or marketed by photographers much so I had no clue what they were until seven years ago. A friend asked me to take them for her, then an agency asked me to shoot their clients, then people on social media started booking. Now I keep about 40-50 sessions in rotation and I’m so grateful.


This is my friend Stephanie covered in snakes. I text her asking if she wanted to shoot nude with snakes because I knew a guy with some and not only did she say yes, she split the rental cost for the snakes with me. Lowkey, we both regretted it day of. The yellow snake was so huge and heavy but we battled through and got some amazing results. She’s the bravest, the snakes were nice, and it was definitely a wild experience.


When I first started shooting, I worked with moms and families most. I told my instructors that I wanted to work with women to help empower them through photography. This is one of my most recent maternity sessions. Kyliegh had seen me shoot with a spot light, mashed up some ideas from previous sessions, and then let me post it to Instagram so now more moms reach out for this exact formula which makes me really happy.


I used to work with this amazing creative director, Stan. He took us to this hidden gem of a barbershop and we got to shoot the whole day with the most perfect natural light. Hannah wore vintage silhouettes with hair and makeup that completed the look. One of my favorite shoots to date, I have it hanging on my wall.