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Amani Yasmin Shares 4 Of Her Favorite Photographs With Us

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Amani Yasmin Photo Main

As a former athlete turned photographer, Amani Yasmin‘s journey to the world of lenses and frames began in her high school yearbook class. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Ottawa, Canada, the photographer quickly discovered that she had an eye for storytelling through the camera’s viewfinder. Her athletic prowess gave way to a flair for cinematic creativity, and she began to envision a future in photography and creative direction.

The turning point came when Yasmin started to work with several e-commerce brands and magazines. The freedom that comes with personal projects, the challenge of conveying a brand’s story visually, and the thrill of collaborating with other creatives fueled her evolution as a photographer. Today, her unique aesthetic — a harmonious blend of natural lighting, striking color, and candid posing — sets her apart in the commercial, fashion, and editorial world.

“Personal projects fuel me because I can take my time, try new ideas, and get to know people on a personal level,” Yasmin reveals. It’s through this exploration and experimentation that she’s honed her distinctive style, characterized by authenticity, dynamism, and an instinctive knack for capturing her subjects in their natural state.

Portraiture, in particular, plays a central role in Yasmin’s work. She’s drawn to subjects and environments that resonate with the narrative she wants to bring to life. As the photographer puts it, “I always try different ideas and concepts, I usually write ideas down in my sketchbook with moodboards and to see what can work for the client or for personal projects.”

Looking towards the future, Yasmin’s aspirations reach beyond the frame of her camera. “I would like to travel for work, to photograph more campaigns, press, more brands, musicians, and actors. I would also like to become a director and screenwriter for films,” she tells us. With her talent for storytelling and innate creativity, it’s a future we can easily picture.

To discover more about Amani Yasmin’s artistic journey and the inspiration behind her work, continue scrolling as she talks about some of her favorite photos.

1. Campaign for Omi Woods Spring 2022

I have shot this in the studio for a jewelry campaign for Omi Woods. I have shot this digitally with my Nikon Camera and with studio lighting. The team and I wanted to showcase the use of jewelry and how it can be worn. We used a soft beige background for the brand’s colors that matched with the jewelry and the white shirt.

2. Untitled, April 2023

I have shot this in the studio for a personal project and with the help of my team. I have never used a black backdrop, but I wanted to try something new for this photoshoot. I used my Nikon digital camera and edited with distinct color grading. I wanted to focus on the color grading of the styling, and I allowed the model to pose how they felt at that moment.

3. Umbra, April 2023

In this series, I have used a different lighting technique in the studio. For a few recent series, including this one, I’ve been practicing using cinematic and dramatic lighting for my editorial shoots. I’ve chosen this portrait angle to show the detail of the earring, hair, and makeup.

4. Chroma Shift for Pap Magazine, December 2019

When I had this idea for a shoot, it was still in development, but I knew I wanted to add different elements and props. I added a projector and put film photographs that I’ve photographed on film as the backdrop, and I got newspapers and empty boxes to fill in the negative space. I have color graded the photograph in a dark blue to match the outfits as well. This series has an abstract but minimal feeling to it that I believe I was able to achieve with the team.