Pandy Unveils New Nutchup Squeeze Packs

To kick off the year, Swedish functional company Pandy released their clean nut butter in convenient squeeze bottles under the brand name Nutchup in partnership with the nut butter brand of the same name. The Nutchup products come in three different types: peanut, cashew, and almond-based butter, with a clean package design for each of their respective flavors.

With the new launch, consumers of Pandy can now also purchase the line of Nutchup nut butter in more mobile squeeze pouches. It’s a similar concept to the bottles, although the pouches are a lot smaller, easily fitting into a pouch or backpack with only 40g of nut butter in comparison to the larger bottles packing 435g.

The Pandy’s pocket-sized Nutchup pouches cost €1.90 (2.22 USD) for a single pouch, while 40g from the 435g bottle works out to €0.52 (0.61 USD). The products are available via their online store now!

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