Published: March 24, 2022

Last Updated: August 4, 2022

Our Favorite Beauty Brands of March 2022

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We’ve rounded up some of our favorite beauty brands across skincare, makeup, and hair to buy in March 2022. From waterless haircare essentials that pack more essential oils than your typical liquid shampoos and conditioners to makeup that not only uses pigments from fruits and vegetables but nourishes the skin, these are some of our favorite beauty labels of March.


Taking a new approach to shampoo and conditioner, waterless haircare essentials brand Everist aims to not only fix the industry’s plastic problem but create the beauty company of the future. Founded by Jessica Stevenson and Jayme Jenkins, two veterans in their respective fields, the duo created the first waterless concentrates for hair and body that features three times concentrated pastes. Surprisingly, it all fits in a 100ml aluminum tube that you can get 30+ uses out of or roughly three months of supply. In contrast to most shampoos, which contain over 70% water, the label packs plenty of clean ingredients like aloe vera and amla extract.

Furthermore, the brand introduced its Waterless Body Wash Concentrate, yet another 100% plant-based concentrate that pairs perfectly with the Compostable Konjac Sponge. Blending essential oils such as rosemary, bergamot, and peppermint amongst others, all of the label’s offerings are vegan and cruelty-free. For anyone looking to create a large impact on the environment through small, daily changes, Everist is certainly the brand to go to—shop here.

Mango People

Mango People, the emerging clean beauty brand founded by Sravya Adusumilli, offer a diverse range of shades that caters to all skin tones without compromising ingredients or performance. Pulling pigments from fruits, vegetables, and iron oxides, the label uses ingredients like mango butter, which nourishes and hydrates the skin, and orange peel oil to brighten skin and promote radiance.

The brand’s lineup includes multi sticks, bronzers, and highlighters infused with Adaptogenic herbs from Ayurveda. Furthermore, the multi-use highlighter arrives in “Morning Light,” “Rose Dew,” and “Sun Glitter.” The bronzer comes in a handful of brown hues like “Chai,” “Dune,” and “Clove.” Elsewhere, Mago People has an array of eight highlighters to pick from. “I hope for the brand to be a place for equal representation, sustainability, and transparency within the industry,” Adusumilli shares. Shop the brand here.


Move over mainstream deodorants, all-natural and plastic-free deodorant balms are taking over. London-based brand AKT is creating formulations that match modern living with packaging that is durable and importantly, recyclable. Founders Ed Currie and Andy Coxon, who met during intensely physical live performances and training, spent three years developing their high-performing Deodorant Balm.

Thus far, the Deodorant Balm comes in three offerings: “Orange Grove,” “After Thunder,” and “The Onsen.” Giving off the aroma of freshly peeled oranges, “Orange Grove” contains notes of sweet mandarin, negroni, petitgrain, and Italian cypress. Meanwhile, the “After Thunder,” as the name hints, nods at a walk through the woods after a thunderstorm with hints of morning dew, cedar, and rosemary among other notes. “The Onsen,” on the other hand, boasts notes of Japanese cedarwood, lavender, mint, clove, and vetiver. The gender-neutral deodorant balances both efficiency and comfort—shop here.

Adwoa Beauty

Giving textured haircare products a new look, Adwoa Beauty is the go-to brand for kinks and curls. Merging her obsession for African hair and beauty, design, and marketing all in one, founder Julian Addo aims to fill a void in the haircare industry. Thus far, she’s done an exceptionally great effort at making sure that textured hair is represented in the highest regard possible.

Adwoa’s “Blue Tansy” collection boasts an alluring lineup of silicone-free, vegan products that focus on detoxing, strengthening, and repairing chemically processed or damaged hair. The label’s Clarifying Gel Shampoo and Reparative Mask are the perfect duo for hydrating and sealing moisture while simultaneously proving protection from thermal styling. Additionally, the Treatment Serum both enhances hair shine and reduces frizz, making it a great add-on to hair treatments and stylers. Overall, the brand is creating a community for those with textured hair. Shop Adwoa’s latest arrivals here.


Dubbed one of the “best shampoo bars,” Superzero is the latest natural and vegan haircare brand to tackle the beauty industry’s plastic problem. Launched by former beauty executive Conny Wittke and digital exec Gurval Caer, the label has truly reimagined nature-based cleansing agents. Each of the brand’s bars are formulated with plenty of natural plant proteins and essential oils such as green tea leaf and juniper berry oil.

Unlike many other labels in the sustainability space, Superzero isn’t limited to only a handful of products and scents. Among its hand and body balms, the brand’s shampoos come in several solution-based offerings, including calming, nourishing, hydrating, and toning. Meanwhile, the conditioners are made for softening and smoothing, moisturizing and repairing, and toning. Priced at $18 USD, a full-sized bar goes a long way, equating to roughly three bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner—shop here.

Elsewhere in beauty, fragrance label ROEMY aims to impact people, planet, and community through fragrance.